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VPN is not a luxury anymore. The rise of cyber crime and the intervention of the surveillance team have made it compulsory for users to turn to VPN services to enjoy the internet. Technological innovation has also brought up VPN services for smartphone devices as well. Many of the VPN providers are known to provide free services while there are paid providers as well.

Why use VPN services on Android devices?

It is quite rare for individuals to consider securing their smartphone devices with VPN services. But it is very necessary. Public networks such as railway Wi-Fi hotspots or other hotspots in a smart city are one of the best conveniences to enjoy. But it is also of those places where an individual can suffer from a lot of cyber security threats. One does not need to be a professional hacker to access the most sensitive information on unprotected devices in a public network. A basic hacking kit with basic knowledge can help a hacker to intercept data using a computer and small radio antenna. Even personal mobile data networks are not secured enough. It is common for people to consider 4G to be one of the most secure networks but it is not. Data is not encrypted at all times and it is possible for organized hackers to intercept signals by using urban signal boosters or by setting up fake service towers at multiple remote locations. For this reason, it is necessary to encrypt the mobile traffic and raise the security level of a smartphone device and a VPN service can be the best option. Connecting to public networks would never be unsafe again. The best part of using a VPN service is most of the companies have servers in multiple locations across the world. This helps the users to enjoy any services without the fear of geo-restrictions even while traveling. Some VPN service providers also allow users to block suspicious malicious websites that can infect the device with malware files. The main reasons for using VPN services on Android include:
  • The demand for safety, security, and anonymity from hackers and surveillance agencies.
  • Securing device data and user account information with data encryption.
  • Immediate need to connect to the public network for business purpose (handling sensitive data).
  • Bypass institutional or organizational firewalls to unblock blocked websites.
  • Access to geography-based online restricted contents.
  • Increased bandwidth for the ultimate experience of live video streaming or important calls.

Types of VPN Services

There are multiple types of VPN services available in the market that users can try out. Each service type comes with their own merits and demerits and attends to providing specific kinds of services. Some are the basic fundamental ones for beginners while others are pretty advanced and can only be handled by skilled professionals. VPN can range from browser extensions to open source networks. Browser extensions are the simplest way to avail the VPN services as it does not require users to download and install any app on their devices. They just need to get the extension and add it to their browser. Best VPN for Android While it secures online browsing activities on PC or smartphone devices, it does not promise anonymity for the other apps in the device that access the internet. Some companies have dedicated apps developed for multiple platforms to allow users to enjoy their services. These applications tend to provide additional security and are also known to cover the various other apps that use internet connectivity. Some business organizations and even individuals are known to install hardware devices to enhance the VPN security of their sensitive data. For users having the right skills and knowledge, it is possible to create a personal server of their own and use it to be anonymous. They can depend on various open source network programs to come up with the process. The choice of service solely depends on the requirements of the user. We have taken the liberty to enlist some of the top browser VPN services in the present market.

Top 10 VPN List for Android

It is necessary to choose a trusted VPN provider especially on account of the recent reports of fake VPN providers known to cash in sensitive credentials of the users while claiming to provide free services to the users. The top VPN providers for Android users include:

1. Ivacy

This Hong Kong based VPN provider is known for its provision of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited download facilities. It is also known to support Kodi devices.


  • The service provider provides user access to more than 200 servers spread over more than 100 different locations.
  • Allows users to make up to 5 separate login from multiple devices.
  • Supports all major platforms.
  • The servers are optimized for P2P services.
  • Compatible with all of the standard security protocols.
  • Provides strong encryption facilities with 256-Bit encryption protocol.
  • The best part of this VPN service is the 7-day money refund policy that they offer for the first time users
  • It keeps no track of logs, meaning users leave no traces of their internet activities.
  • It supports P2P connections
  • The price range for the service is quite cheap, especially when paid upfront for the yearly plan.
  • Provides live chat support at all time round the clock
  • This VPN service offers no free trial options for new users.
  • There have been multiple reports of slowed speed, especially during the loading time.
  • Users have reported multiple errors to come up when the app gets loaded.

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2. PureVPN

This Hong Kong based VPN provider has pretty widespread setup. It has set up more than 2000 servers in over a hundred different locations in multiple nations worldwide. The best part is users can switch over a pool of 80,000 shared IP addresses to maintain their anonymity.


  • The app provides great speed connectivity to the user.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices.
  • The VPN services are P2P friendly.
  • Maintains policy of storing no logs alongside ensuring super encryption protocols to confirm data security.
  • The interface is very straightforward, making the VPN services greatly usable.
  • The service provider has made huge claims of providing users with top speed connectivity.
  • It accepts payment from the wide range of sources providing flexible payment options to the users.
  • PureVPN is known to provide customers with 24X7 supports on any issue for 365 days each year.
  • It keeps no log records.
  • The package costs quite high in comparison to the other leading competitors in the market.
  • There have been reports of security breaches (IP leaks) during a conducted research though it is possible for things to vary depending on the network.
  • Each of the add-on services asks for an add-on payment, making the actual price surge even higher.

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3. NordVPN

NordVPN is known to have servers in almost every country. If they could, they would even set up a server in Antarctica. It also provides one of the best browser extensions of Firefox and Chrome. The best part about NordVPN is that it is headquartered in Panama, thus exempting it from the laws of the US and Europe.


  • It is compatible with most of the leading platforms including Mac, iOS and Windows
  • Users can switch servers for as many times as they want
  • Supports over 4000 servers located across 62 different nations across the globe
  • Provides one of the most secured services with multiple security protocols and authentication protocols.
  • Features kill switch to ensure no DNS leaks
  • This VPN is known to provide the users with high quality security and privacy options.
  • The kill switch features no compromise with privacy.
  • Supports 6 separate login facilities across multiple devices.
  • NordVPN accepts crypto-currencies as payments.
  • The interface is very simple and user friendly.
  • There are no refund options available for crypto-currency payments.
  • The website could be furnished with some more information.
  • It supports torrenting activities only on selected servers.
  • With majority of the servers located in Europe, speeds may vary especially during travelling.
  • Slow connection for apps and servers.

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4. ExpressVPN

It is one of the best VPN for Android in the present market. It has been providing VPN services to clients for over 10 years now. It provides users the facility to enjoy over 30,000 IP addresses.


  • Provides users’ access to more than 2000 servers.
  • Allows up to three simultaneous connections with single license.
  • Supports a wide range of gaming consoles and streaming devices.
  • Allows unrestricted torrenting and streaming with data encryption and enhanced security.
  • Access to restricted contents.
  • Headquartered in British Virgin Islands, one of the places supporting legal VPN services.
  • Browser extensions for Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
  • It is compatible to work with multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • More than 1000 servers spread across 94 different countries in 145 different locations.
  • Uses AES 256-Bit encryption and uses SHA-512 HMAC and RSA-4096 authentication protocols.
  • Very simple and straightforward user interface.
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth with rare slow speeds.
  • It provides 24X7 supports to the clients through chat and e-mail.
  • It does not provide a free trial though it supports a 30 day money back guarantee. But it might not be enough for someone who is new to VPN and just wants to know more.
  • The price range is quite high when compared to the other competitors.
  • With limited settings and configuration, it is not a great option for pro operators. Though it supports a few protocols and lets users to manually select server location, it does not allow much settings customization.

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5. TorGuard

It is one of the leading VPN providers known to work on multiple platforms. It is best known for the allowance of torrenting activities and services of access to US based Netflix programs.


  • Comes with a dedicated kill switch that can be customized for particular apps. This is a unique feature unlike any other VPN.
  • Added security through proxy servers along with AES 256-Bit encryption protocols.
  • The provider has over 3000 servers established across 70 different nation worldwide, allowing users to switch over 5000 different shared IP addresses.
  • Offers connectivity to 5 simultaneous users.
  • Blocks advertisements.
  • Users can pay through over 75 different payment options including Bitcoin.
  • Users can enjoy dedicated IP address services if necessary.
  • Provided DDoS protection.
  • The VPN comes with splendid security features and availability.
  • It works great with most of the major platforms.
  • The stealth mode in the app allows users to bypass VPN blockers with ease.
  • The app offers consistent fast speed.
  • Great customer services to confirm client satisfaction.
  • The P2P friendly design makes it one of the most suitable choices.
  • It does not provide a free trial mode for new users.
  • Navigation is a bit complicated.
  • Whatever it is, it is not for beginners. Users need to have technical knowledge at least to some extent to be able to use it freely.
  • The interface looks quite out of date.

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6. Windscribe

The best part of this VPN provider is the simplicity of using the app. All users need to do is provide their e-mail id and the server will take care of the rest.


  • The provider supports the most top of the line VPN protocols of current times.
  • Provides full proof service against WebRTC and IP leaks.
  • It allows users to easily bypass geography based content restrictions and censored contents as well.
  • The application for Android devices is very user friendly and simple to use.
  • It comes with a kill switch.
  • The app provides a free trial mode for new users.
  • Enhanced safety and security with data encryption makes internet activities on Android much better.
  • The VPN provider allows torrenting activities from any place at any time.
  • It is compatible to work with most devices.
  • The VPN works just great with Netflix.
  • Clients have reported the paid version to be a bit slow.
  • The services are based mainly on Canada and being a relatively new company, the server options are limited.
  • The only way to get in touch with the customer support team is by generating a ticket. Users are not allowed any phone number or e-mail address to contact the representative in person.

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7. Zenmate

Zenmate is one of the leading competitors in the range of VPN services providing access to more than 3000 IP addresses shared over more than 300 servers spread across more than 30 different countries across the world. This ensures the provision of fast global coverage.


  • This VPN keeps no track of the user traffic.
  • It comes with a special feature of kill switch that helps to disconnect the services as and when required.
  • Provides data encryption facilities with AES-256 protocols.
  • It features the facility of 5 simultaneous login for clients.
  • Zenmate provides unlimited bandwidth services along with unlimited P2P traffic.
  • Users can try out the 7-day free trial services before subscribing for the premium services.
  • There are no chances of DNS leaks with this VPN service provider.
  • Uses great data encryption techniques.
  • The setup process is very fast and easy.
  • This VPN provider does not security coverage for Bitcoin.
  • This app lacks most of the advanced features, making it pretty simple.
  • It does not support the feature of 24X7 live chat supports for the clients.
  • Delayed responses when contacted through e-mail.

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8. Opera VPN

Opera VPN
Opera has already come up a long way for its services of mobile internet browsing. It has also come up with the very first built in service for Android users within the app.


  • This app works great block ads on Android devices.
  • It is capable to comprehend the security level of the hotspot network and can start data encryption to protect the sensitive device data immediately.
  • Allows users to block their current location and hide their existence from surveillance team track operations.
  • It uses 256-Bit encryption protocols to enhance data safety in the user’s devices.
  • Compatible with many devices working on most of the platforms.
  • When connected to high speed network, the VPN provider provides noticeable service.
  • It allows users to manually change server location with a lot of options available to choose from.
  • The VPN provider entitles users with an unlimited usage cap.
  • Being totally free, it is one of the best options for online security.
  • There have been reports of app crashes.
  • It is not suitable for low capacity browsers.
  • More than a VPN, it is a proxy server.
  • Users cannot customize many settings for the VPN service.
  • The gold subscription may be a bit delayed within the application.

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9. SurfEasy

Apart from the VPN service, SurfEasy is also known to be one of the best proxies for Chrome. Aided with 256-Bit encryption protocol, this app offers both free and paid services for the users. It also supports OpenVPN protocol for desktop browsing.


  • Allows users to connect from multiple devices. While most providers allow 2 to 5 simultaneous connections, the SurfEasy allows a lot more than that.
  • The provider offers a 30-day refund policy if customers are not satisfies with the service range.
  • Users are allowed to choose location from over 50 different locations across the globe.
  • Offers a free cap of 500 MB to users when they invite in a friend to join the VPN services.
  • It stores no information, confirming total anonymity of the user.
  • It provides one of the cheapest subscription rates including a free plan that allows access to 500 MB data.
  • This VPN provider is known to offer the best competitive rates to the users.
  • It establishes a full proof secured connectivity, irrespective of the network type.
  • The SurfEasy VPN works great with almost all the major lead operating systems.
  • Provides users the ability to enjoy an unlimited cap of bandwidth usage.
  • It does not offer any refund option, making users doubt about their services.
  • SurfEasy VPN is generally known to establish slow network connections. Speeds may be reduced to 50% the original speed.
  • The most unsatisfying part of the VPN provider is it is not compatible for working on Linux.

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10. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN
It is a free browser VPN service provider for Android devices that focuses on refreshing its lists of proxy servers at frequent intervals.


  • The app is easily accessible on Google Play Store.
  • All it takes is one tap to start the application.
  • With top grade encryption and tunneling protocol, prevention of data leaks is confirmed.
  • The interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • Whenever users are in High speed network range, the VPN service works to establish automatic connections.
  • Special encryption protocols incorporated within the app ensures the security of all sensitive information on the device.
  • It lets users bypass all protective firewall and enjoy access to any blocked website on any network.
  • It does not work that great with networks of slow speed.
  • The features of using proxy servers especially for cloud connectivity can be problematic to get accustomed to.
  • It supports services to very limited devices.
  • The logging policy is doubtful.
  • It provides no customer assistance.

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The Verdict 

These are some of the best browser VPNs that users can look into for using on their Android devices. It will not only provide them with a unique browsing experience but also ensure them the utmost level of privacy and protection against hackers. Users can check out the internet to know more about the various types of VPN facilities in today’s market.
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    I have been using nordvpn for over a year now. Overall, I’m happy with the service. Definitely 1 of top 3 providers in the market right now.

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    I have read many good reviews about NordVPN, and I can say that it is definitely worth it. Works without problems and has no logs policy.

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      No logs policy makes it stand out for sure.