10 Best Volume Boosters For Android

Compared to the past or the onset of gadgets and phones, the built-in speakers of devices have been tremendously built upon and improved drastically. However, there is still the need for users to have a higher volume booster on these devices. Users of phones such as android are quite pleased with the quality of sound produced immediately buying their devices but with time, they usually complain if the poor volume or reduced sound quality and most at times, there is the need by these users to seek applications and other methods to boost the sound volume of the devices. It is quite appealing to know that the solution to this is within the grasp of the app store. The application store of the Android device provides a mix of high-quality volume enhancers for your device to boost sound volume, and here’s the top 10 that is highly recommended.
DISCLAIMER The applications for increasing volume on Android devices given below may damage your device or cause hearing difficulties. Therefore, this piece and its’ producer are not to be held liable for any damage to property. Also, some applications may not work on all devices due to the incompatibility of the application with your android phone. Therefore, download and use those that are compatible with your device.

10 Best Volume Booster For Android 

best volume booster

1) Ultimate Volume Booster

The ultimate volume booster is an application in the app store that has seamless and user-friendly experience. The volume booster is one of the best apps for increasing volumes in all streams of audio across Android. It enhances and increases the volume above the normal default pre-installed volume capacity.


The features of the ultimate volume booster include;
  1. Boosts the phone volume with just a single tap, thereby, providing easy user access and experience.
  2. The ultimate volume booster increases the multimedia (across all audio medium) of the Android device by 30% to 40%.
  3. Ultimate volume booster increases sounds of the android of all sound media such as ringtone sounds, notification volumes, alarms, and others.
  4. This app not only works by increasing the sound of just the android phone but also increases the volume of any device connected to the phone such as speakers, headphones and headsets.

2) Music Volume Eq – Sound Booster And Equalizer

The music volume equalizer – sound booster and equalizer are one of the finest sound boosters for android. With its multi-faceted function that ranges from being a sound booster and equalizer to being a music volume enhancer, the music volume EQ is an application that acts as a bass booster, music and bass amplifier that gives its users a well-customized experience. With its pre-installed 3D visualizer effect, audio amplifier, speaker and bass booster, amplifier, music stereo led VU meter, volume equalizer, the music volume EQ is very functional for all single and connected devices such as headphones, headsets, and speakers. The beauty of this app is that it has a well-defined customized and functional audio quality that is pleasing to hear.


  1. It has the functionality of controlling media audios’
  2. It has a 5-band music equalizer
  3. A bass booster and speaker for android devices
  4. A 3D visualizer effect
  5. A 9 pre-installed equalizer effect with the option of custom equalizer effect.
  6. 2 classical and material themes (2 themes)
  7. Supports all audio format
  8. Enables loudness enhancer (amplifier). Only for versions of Android 4.4 and above
  9. Quality sound spectrum
  10. Pretty and colorful live wallpapers

3) Volume Booster Goodev

With its simple user usage coupled with the small downloadable size, this volume booster application offers users the privilege of having one of the free tops most volume booster for android, speaker and headphone sound volumes. The volume booster GOODEV app is free and simple to use software having the ability to adjust and increase volumes of music, movies, and other applications. Its size is relatively small and it is readily available for download at the app store.


  1. A friendly user interface (UI)
  2. Good volume booster for music, and movies
  3. Supports connection with headphones and headsets

4) Volume Booster

The volume booster application is a free professional volume control app that is equipped with a lot of useful function. It is one of those apps that is widely supported by all android version and it is equipped with volume controls, increasing and boosting the volume of multimedia, ringtone, notification and alarm sounds. This application boosts the volume of the phone with just a single tap by not only amplifying the sound to more than its maximum capacity but also uses it built in equalizer to enhance the channel’s frequency through the means of a special computation, hence, producing a clearer and well filtered audio quality. As part of the service that the app has been built to offer, it generally increases the volume of your Android device to about 10% – 20% and improves the audio quality of headphones and headsets to that of HIFI standard. This simple and small free app comes with a free easily modifiable 9 equalizer effect with the impact of bass and treble. Therefore, this for sure is an app that should meet the need of your desired audio quality.


  1. An android volume booster
  2. One tap sound and volume booster
  3. Maximum volume mode
  4. Enhances volume speed
  5. Makes the volume of all multimedia, ringtone sounds, notification sounds, an alarm sounds louder
  6. Boosts headset and headphone sounds
  7. Controls and improves the audio quality of your phone
  8. Amplifier and volume controller for calls
  9. Amplifier and volume controller for ringing volumes
  10. Easy UI and quality graphics
  11. Volume booster and sound amplifier for headphones and headsets

5) Volume Booster Pro

The Volume Booster Pro, which is an improvement to the volume booster android application is described as the ultimate sound and booster application that has been made available in the app store. This easy system user interface provides the ease of usage. It allows users to control and regulate all media, audios (call volume, alarm sounds, notification and ringtone sounds) at just a single click. Thanks to this amazing app, the volume booster pro regulates the volume of sounds in a single time, without the user having to go to audio, media, call, ringtone, notification sounds separately in order to regulate them. It does all of this once, thereby, saving time and fostering easy usage.


  1. One key tap to increase all audio and multimedia sounds, with no need to separately adjust the volumes of music, ringtone, alarm and phone speakers.
  2. A single key tap to put your Android device on silent mode
  3. A single key tap to restore the default sound settings of your android device
  4. Cooler application interface and user experience
  5. Supports most Android versions including version 8.0
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6) Speaker Booster

Unlike other sound and speaker booster applications on the Android platform, the speaker booster is very unique in its operation as it increases the overall volume by 15% – 30%. Depending on the device, the speaker booster increases the overall volume of sound by 15-30% through its elegant algorithm that offers quality sound with clarity.


  1. Adjusts the volume and sound volume of your android
  2. Adjust the volume and sound of your android media
  3. Regulates the volume notification level
  4. Works perfectly on headphones and headsets

7) Precise Volume (+Eq/Booster)

Sometimes, there is a complaint by some Android users that the volume level of their phone is very low or too high for listening pleasure. Due to this complaint, the precise volume (+EQ/booster) has been built precisely for this purpose. Precise sound booster is an app in the app store that serves a few functions but it performs these functions on the android to the best and maximum state that is rarely found by any other app. It specifically adjusts and regulates the device’s volume to a not too high and not too low state. As if that is not enough, this app will automatically regulate the sound of your media and other audios according to the prevailing sound condition of your environment. This for one is incredible to talk about because, with its volume levels, the application automatically selects various genres of music equalizer and utilizes them with the volume according to the environment.


  1. Protect your hearing by limiting the volume of sound
  2. It has lots of settings for user’s tweaking
  3. Offers the ability to customize volume presets
  4. Works automatically in volume and sound regulation
  5. Bass and sound booster
  6. Provides user interface theme

8) Super Loud Volume Booster, Speaker Booster 2019

Not limited by the music capacity of your default android sound which may appear sometimes to be low or too low, the super loud sound booster is one of a kind app that significantly enhance the music and sound of your Android device above its maximum threshold. The super loud sound booster increases and amplifies the sound of any program or other apps on Android. It does this by increasing and boosting the android default volume that cuts across all multimedia, ringtone sounds, notification sounds, calls, and alarm volumes. Quite interesting to know and as a part of its function, the super loud speaker booster will boost the sound of your Android OS by up to 500% of its default level.


  1. Boost bass level with distortion in sound
  2. Manually amplifies and increases the volume levels of all android sound
  3. Works excellently with all android connected devices such as headphones, headsets, speakers
  4. Produces quality and customized sound filters without distortions.

9) Music Equalizer – Bass Booster And Volume

The music equalizer is a very easy to use app that is designed with a classical 3D visualizer effect. This app not only increases the volume and sound quality of your music, videos, and audio format but also improves and filters the external sound environment, hence producing a high-quality audio that is appealing to the music experience. Its 3D visualizer enables users to seamlessly and elegantly interface various section within the application. It not only is restricted to these functions but also boost bass and improves on all other audio streams.


  1. Effectively boost bass level
  2. It has the stereo surround sound effect that implies quality audio experience
  3. Controls media volume
  4. It is designed with a 5-band equalizer
  5. It is packaged with a 10 band streams of audio equalization
  6. Designed with 15 colorful themes for user’s selection

10) Sound Booster: Increase Volume

This easy to use an app is one that boosts the overall sound of the Android device above its maximum capacity. The sound booster, a.k.a increase volume does its work as its name implies. It boosts and increases volume by 50% above it normal threshold thereby acting as a very suitable app for music and movies. It also regulates and controls music volumes, and it is supported by the majority of Android phones.


  1. Boosts and fixes sound without distortions
  2. Increase volume speed of audio
  3. Boost sound on headphones and headsets
  4. It has maximum volume and sound levels
  5. Increases volume and sounds by 50% above default settings
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With the rising need to cruise your music out, play it out loud with friends and just tired of wearing a headset or headphone, Android users have truly searched for ways to boost volume and sound of their phones. It no longer is news that there is the hype to most products that customers patronize and because of that, we’ve carefully and specifically taken out time to check out these apps that are used to increase volume on the android system. These sound boosters are for sure the best and they are just what and how they were spoken of. No hype or gainsaying has been done and they deliver just what you are looking for. Therefore, enjoy the services that they offer to your listening pleasure!
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