7 Best Privacy Extensions for Google Chrome

Sometimes when we install our browser, we need certain modifications but how can we do that? we are not backend developers. Right? Then how this thing is supposed to be done. Everyone has his own privacy settings but how can you update those settings on browser privacy settings?  So, this thing was solved by developers when the term extensions came out. As the name shows it gives your extended version to use the software in a quite custom way. Extensions are basically small software programs developed by companies that support any browser and there are thousands of extensions out there on google extension store. It allows you to tailor chrome’s functionality and your user end behavior will be completely changed. What can you do with these extensions? We will tell you how to add Privacy Extensions chrome, best ad blocker for chrome, chrome security extensions, best pop up blocker. Just stay with us till the end. We will enlist here about 7 best privacy extensions that will help you to keep yourself safe from trackers and hackers out there in the market.

7 Best Privacy Extensions for Google Chrome

1. AdBlock Plus

ad blocker plus I will say that this is one of the best extensions on chrome store or internet that changes your web experience completely. It keeps you save from trackers and various kind of malware. They claim themselves as number 1 ad blocker extension in the world ad it has more than 10 million downloads. Impressive? Yeah, that’s not a small figure. And it keeps a rating of 4.7 by the time. One more important thing which makes this special is that it has been developed in 52 different languages and it just has a size of 1.49Mb. You can say that’s negligible in front of all other functionalities that it performs. So, whenever you visit any website it blocks the ads and tells you that how many ads have been blocked up here. You can create your blacklist and whitelist on this extension and it all works with just a single click on its button.

Download Adblock Plus

2. LastPass

best chrome extension Our second extension is an award-winning extension that helps you with your passwords. Yeah, you got me right. This extension helps you to generate tough and strongest passwords and then save them on your account. You need to create an account to use this website so that you all saved passwords, email ids and everything else is stored there and you can manage them any time by just logging in through your credentials on their site. You just can’t only save your multiple emails and password but you can also save other notes and stuff like pdf file and all other things. It has been downloaded more than 9 Million times, this is a big figure and it maintains a rating of 4.6 on chrome store. One plus point is that it supports 50 languages and it comes with the size of 11 MB.

Download LastPass

3. Blur

chrome security extensions Blur is another extension similar to the last one but one thing which makes it different is that it has on magnificent power that others does not support. It can save your master card information. You don’t need to put your Mastercard out and enter the number one by one. This all can be done by just one click which is offered by this blur extension and don’t worry this extension is completely secured. With all this Mastercard thing it can manage your emails and passwords too so that one extension does a lot of work for you. It has around 2 million downloads on the chrome store and maintains a rating of 4.2 till now.

Download Blur

4. Ghostery

best pop up blocker Another one of the best privacy extensions for Chrome. This extension is similar to an ad blocker but it provides you some extra features too which makes it special than others. It keeps you safe from trackers and hackers out there who are tracking your website search history or tracking you on various other websites. This doesn’t only keep you safe but it also notifies you that you have been tracked by someone and it tells you how many trackers do you have at this moment and when clicked on the extension it provides you available information about those trackers. Cool stuff, right? So, this brought it to 2.9 million downloads on the chrome store and it maintains a superb rating of complete 5 stars. With 6 M setup, it comes in 14 different languages.

Download Ghostery

5. Signal Private Messenger

Privacy Extensions Like any other messaging application one company has come up with an idea of such extension. You need to create an account on this application and you can add this on your browser but something which makes it special for your security is that it gives you end to end encryption everywhere. Like no one else can read those messages or data you have sent out there to someone so this is the which makes it cool. It has around 1 million downloads and maintains 4 stars.

Download Signal Private Messenger

6. Unshorten.link

secure links This extension is another unique thing when you are looking for something safer out there. How it keeps you safe? It happens much time when someone sends you the link which has been shortening using any URL shortening website on the internet and they even get paid for this but yeah this extension provides the service by keeping you safe from this all stuff and they remove the shortened link by redirecting you the link hidden in it.

Download Unshorten.link

7. ZenMate VPN

privacy vpn So, coming up with our final extension for your privacy is a VPN extension which helps you to work via virtual location. Yeah, this VPN hides your Ip address and keeps you safe from every tracking agencies out there. This service has more than 3 million downloads on the google extension store and maintains a rating of 4.4 on it. Its setup doesn’t even have a size of 1Mb and it supports only the English language by now. It is supposed to be improved later.

Download ZenMate VPN

Images Credit: Chrome Web Store
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