Makeup Apps: Why You Need Them

You’re a makeup artist and your work is amazing, but adding a little touch of excellence to those photos wouldn’t hurt before you upload them to your social media accounts. Or, you’re one of those people who seek a good-looking selfie featuring nicely done makeup.

Whether you belong to either of those categories, or you simply appreciate the art of makeup and would love to become a master at the art someday, you certainly need a makeup app with your very own virtual makeup kit in your pocket. In that case, this article is for you.

It aims at helping you choose the appropriate makeup app to suit your beauty needs, and avoid the time-wasting exercise of downloading frustrating and pointless apps that do nothing but consume space.

So, here are ten best makeup apps (in no particular order) for your Android, as well as their main features, pros and cons – basically everything you need to know about them before you head over to PlayStore.

Best Makeup Apps for Android

  • Virtual Makeover

Virtual Makeover app

This app, designed by ModiFace, definitely makes our list, and that is not simply because it’s on everyone else’s list (even though that counts too.) With the Virtual Makeover, you get to try numerous hairstyles and cosmetics on your photo.

It is a feature packed app, with hairstyles numbering up to 80, and thousands of real-life cosmetic shades. The app allows you to stimulate and enhance whichever makeup product you wish to try out.

Pros- It’s free. It has a lot of features- accessories, filters, and celeb looks. It tells you the name of the products you apply. It also provides a list of available makeup products on the summary page, so you have not left in the dark as to what and whatnot you’re applying on your face; you can also learn what works for your skin and what doesn’t.

It supports saving and device -sharing options, as well as options to share completed work via social media.

Cons- Accepted, there are nice hairstyle features, but it must be admitted that applying those styles is a bit of a mess. The hairstyles appear at the front and only partially cover your original hairstyle. If one isn’t careful, the end product will be a barrage of wrongly placed hairstyles which are anything but beautiful.

But if you’re willing to let go of the hairstyles and focus on the makeup, then you definitely should give ModiFace’s Virtual Makeover a try.

[appbox googleplay com.modiface.virtualmakeover&hl=en]

  • YouCam Makeup

With a 4.6-star rating on the Google Playstore, the YouCam app is useful and easy to use. Plus the developers have a good sense of humor too, so it is much fun to use the app. Proof of this is in the hilarious results that emerge from applying some filters, costumes, and add-ons on the app, as well as the many reviews from people who have used the app.

But jokes set aside, with the app, you get to experience what the developers call ‘magic selfie makeovers.’ YouCam provides a live makeup magic mirror to try out actual beauty products, an instant makeover for facial features such as eyes, brows, lips, and teeth.

You can also add fun effects and accessories. Princess looks, celebrity makeovers and red carpet looks are pluses the app offers. All you need to do is select a photo or capture one and start editing.

Pros: The skincare analysis with a skin health diary, hair editing and large beauty community the app offers are reasons for which you would want to get the app. Other advantages are that before you head over to the shop to purchase a cosmetic product that will go wrong on your face, YouCam lets you try out those shades virtually, but in a realistic manner. So you can experience a range of Top Brand cosmetics, from L’Oréal to Maybelline and to Urban Decay. All these on a free app.

Cons: Contains ads, something a number of us cannot stand

[appbox googleplay com.cyberlink.youcammakeup&hl=en]


With LOOKS, you get to virtually experience the latest makeup trends. The app comes with a 4-star review. It offers beauty adjustments and filters, all to bring out the best of your makeup. It is a make-up selfie camera, ready to have your back (or your face, literally) on those days you need an extra flair for your selfies. And if you’re still working on your makeup skills, LOOKS provides makeup tutorials to help better your art.

These tutorials, among other things, inform you of the basics as regards cosmetic products. To use the LOOKS app and get the most of it, you can get a realistic photo by starting of on a clear shot and then reducing the makeup intensities as you edit. You can compare you before and after too when you are done.

Pros: You can find the makeup colors, styles and brands that suit you best since the app presents personalized makeup and color options. It also gives natural and subtle makeup effects, which is good because you surely would not want your photo looking obviously edited and animated every time you use the app.

Cons: It doesn’t edit previously taken pictures

[appbox googleplay]

  • Meitu Makeup App

If you are worried about looking ridiculous or extremely artificial from makeup filters and facial enhancements, Meitu is perfect for you. Meitu, a production of Meitu Inc. offers a wide range of edit options. It is a 4.5 star beauty cam and photo editing app which does everything for you.


While it helps with other photo editing functions such as collage making, it also has a camera and serves as a photo-taking application which allows you to capture images with clear, retouched quality. A good deal of makeup hues and shades are in the app, as well as contouring features of various sorts, eyeshadow of different consistencies, varying lipsticks – matte and liquid.

When you’re done, the result is almost no different from the look you would achieve from sitting in front of the mirror for an hour or about.

Pros: The app is extremely user -friendly, easy to navigate through, and easy to use. The end results are natural-looking since you are allowed to reduce the intensity of every feature you apply.

Cons: Apart from the privacy concerns that have arisen due to Meitu’s requests for permission to access other apps (permissions you can choose to refuse), this app is just great.

[appbox googleplay]

  • MakeupPlus

Your Own Virtual Makeup Artist: Also developed by Meitu Inc., MakeupPlus is specially dedicated to your makeup and beauty enhancing (this differentiates it from the Meitu app discussed above which has a good number of photo editing options in addition to its makeup features.) One can never be too beautiful and MakeupPlus is the perfect makeup app for adding makeup to, and beautifying your photos. Call it your personal makeup artist. This app with 4.4 stars has Augmented Reality (AR) glam that gives realistic accessories and makeup.

Pros: Every feature is a plus reason why you should consider getting the app. You can instantly try on products from your favorite brands and if you like what you see, you can get it for yourself by buying it on the app. MakeupPlus also supports both front and back cameras, so it works both ways; you can the best of your selfies and group photos with multiple facial recognition and when you’ve accomplished a share-worthy look, you can share on your popular social sites immediately.

Cons: Yet to figure out one

[appbox googleplay]

  • Perfect365 (One-Tap Makeover)

Another one of the best makeup apps Perfect365 holding its place at number two top grossing on the Google Playstore, this app from Perfect365 Inc. presents a wide range of custom makeup designs, tutorials and useful makeup tips. Its key features include makeup and beauty tools to help customize your personal style- ample options of liners, lipsticks and eyeshadow, to mention a few, to choose from.

It comes with YouTube tutorials from which you can draw inspiration and then recreate the look right after. Perfect365 gives makeup tips too for daily makeup and trending fashion. And if you want a no-makeup look, you have it in the subtle touch features. It’s “Perfect.”

Pros: To top its features is its accurate makeup placement and cutting-edge face detection. It’s really like having an entire glam squad in your pocket.

Cons: Although free, presence of ads can be frustrating to some.

[appbox googleplay com.arcsoft.perfect365&hl=en]

  • Lakmé Makeup Pro

Here is where your camera becomes your mirror, and Lakmé Makeup Pro, your makeup stylist. With over 100 real-life cosmetic shades, a good number of professional stylist looks and the latest facial recognition algorithm, Lakmé brings you a one-of-a-kind experience.

All you need do is take a picture of yourself with the app or select a photo of your choice from your phone’s photo gallery then proceed to edit by picking Lakmé makeup options to your taste, or professional looks recommended by LakméMakeup experts. Once you’ve created the look that suits you, save and share.

Lakmé eases the stress of having to find the product you used and liked on your previous edit. For convenience, it saves the products used. And if you want to try out the product for an actual makeover, you can buy such Lakmé product online.

Pros: Convenience, the fact that it is free and easy to use are reasons why you might want to have the app.

Cons: If you want a makeup app with hairstyles, this isn’t for you.

[appbox googleplay com.modiface.lakme.makeuppro&hl=en]

  • Facetune

makeup apps

They say every photo could use a touchup and so there’s Facetune. Millions who have downloaded the selfie photo editing app love it for numerous reasons. It is easy to use and allows you transform your selfies so they look like they are straight out of a fashion magazine.

It removes blemishes and makes sure your selfies show only the best of your features. Facetune gives you perfect smiles, beautiful skin, bright eyes and vivid makeup. And all that is only a bit of the entire experience Facetune proffers.

Pros: Apart from the fact that it makes you look good, every feature has graphic and video help screens and there is an entire support team to help out whenever you’re having trouble with the app. Plus, guys can use it too!

Cons: Ads. No one likes being interrupted by incessant ads and sadly, Facetune has lots of them. If you really want to enjoy the nice packages without the ads though, you would have to purchase the ad-free version.

[appbox googleplay]

  • You Makeup Photo Camera

This makeup camera, Makeup editor and selfie editor has amazing art and special effects to leave your photos looking stunning. The 4.4 star app from Fotoable Inc. is not only an app for lovely makeovers, but also works well as a selfie camera. It is easy to use and after taking the shot, you can go ahead to beautify. Face framing is another feature of the app that helps transform your photos to gorgeous creations. There as numerous makeup effects and DIY makeup options.

Pros: The auto face recognition feature saves you the stress and time required for a manual blemish removal, leaving your makeup natural looking. This app makes it easy to be beautiful.

Cons: Too many ads

[appbox googleplay]

  • GlamApp

Last on the list, but definitely not the least is this amazing app developed by Pragma Infotech. It is just right for makeup lovers and every lady who cares to stay looking healthy and glam.

Looking good involves more than a pretty face and that’s why GlamApp lets you have valuable glam tips, ranging from health tips to beauty tips and then some more points to improve your fashion. On the app, you also get features presenting makeup that suits your skin tone, suitable style and appearance for your body type.

Pros: With handy tips that handle your beauty concerns, leaving you glamourous, it is also free. GlamApp is a must-have.

Cons: It is a lifestyle app, and might crowd you with information if you a looking for a makeup app built for just makeups.

[appbox googleplay com.pragma.glamapp]


Hopefully, this article was helpful with providing all you need to know about the makeup apps suitable for your Android, why everyone is talking about them, and why you probably need to get one too.

And now you can get to downloading and installing the right makeup app(s), worth your while, for your beauty needs, and pleasure.

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