When it comes to buy or sell stuff every one look for the classified apps and websites to sell stuff locally. Classified apps are the best option to pick for selling, renting or buying products or services you want. The best classified apps are easy to use on your mobile phone with a single touch of your finger. For the seller point of view – You can sell your used gadgets, mobile phones, accessories, laptops, cars, bikes, house and any other personal products that you don’t need any more by putting the ads on the classified apps.

From the buyer’s point of view – You can find new or used gadgets, mobiles and any of the other things you required. Just install these local classifieds apps and start searching for your desired product, content seller and acquire the thing you need without hassle.

These classified apps also help you to rent out your property like a house, flat or car with the touch of your finger on the phone.

This article will help you find the websites to sell stuff locally or local classifieds apps for your Android and iOS phone to install and find the appropriate buyer/seller to mature the deal.

15 Best Classified Apps for Android and iOS

1- GumTree


GumTree, an easy to use top classified app which was used in countries like the UK and Australia before recently expanding into the American market. It allows you to buy and sell items to anyone, no matter where they are located in the world. It is available both as a website and as a mobile app, which can be used with Android and iOS operating systems. Categories available on the app include automotive, merchandise, jobs and careers, pets, property, and real estate, and community.

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2- USA Today

USA Today

USA Today’s classified ads app, of course, associated with the newspaper. Millions of users use the app every month, which means that—if you post something for sale—you can easily reach a huge audience. There are categories for careers, vehicles, real estate, services offered, travel deals, and education services where you can post free classified ads in usa. There is even a section for auctions so that you can find prices you find reasonable for those goods you’d like to buy.

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3- eBay


eBay is a classic example of a classified app platform when it comes to buying used items online, whether as an auction or as the “buy it now” option. Sales are delivered via the postal service, but you can also pick up larger items that would be more expensive to ship. It’s also a better place to sell (and look for) niche items that might not sell as well on the classified-ads app, which have a more general audience.

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4- Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

You might not have realized it yet, but the Facebook app provides you with a good place to buy and sell stuff. More specifically, its local Buy and Sell groups allow you to exchange items with people located in your area. Even smaller cities can have up to hundreds of posts every day—there are millions of users on Facebook, after all—and listing items are free. The site also allows you to use specific keywords when you’re searching for items so that you can find the specific thing you’re looking for.

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5- Oodle


Oodle is one of the most known classified apps. It’s is used by roughly 15 million people in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and India. It features postings in all kinds of categories, including items, vehicles, real estate, pets, jobs, and tickets for concerts and events. It is probably the one app that can most easily be compared to Craigslist, but with one important difference: it aggregates listings, both local and national, from other apps, including Cars.com, eBay, ForRent.com, BoatTrader.com, and countless others.

These network connections allow users on the Oodle platform to find only the best deals possible, in particular for vehicles and for antiques and other collectibles. The app will also allow you to advertise your listings on Facebook. It’s free to list or sell items, although—depending on the categories you’ve chosen to post in—there are limits to how many postings any given user can put up at one time.

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6- ClassifiedAds


This classified app is free to use and can be used to buy or sell any kind of item or product. The simple layout, which also features pictures of products, is very similar to the kind of layout you would find in a traditional newspaper. It’s an effective tool for both large cities and smaller areas.

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7- Trovit


Trovit app is absolutely massive. In other words, if there’s something specific you’re looking for, you can definitely find it on this app—whether you’re located in the US, Italy, Japan, Turkey, or even South Africa. You can put up household items for sale, as well as vehicles and real estate. The app works especially well because it lists ads in more than 50 countries, including Mexico, the US, the UAE, Australia, and the UK. First you choose the country you’d like to find an item in, such as the US, and then, if that product is a vehicle, for example, you can choose specifications such as make, model, and so forth.

You can also look for the vehicles of interest that are located within a specific geographic region, for example. You can also advertise your own items on Trovit, either directly on the platform or by having it hosted from a coordinating website. Ads posted on Craigslist will generally show up automatically on Trovit.

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8- Bookoo


You might think that, because of its name, Bookoo is a site for buying and selling books, but you would be wrong. Instead, it’s an app for selling all kinds of items to people in your community, whether you live in any of the fifty states—they have a microsite for each of these—Belgium, the UK, Japan or Germany. This app is particularly effective for many states, although some of the states have categories with only a few items in them, so watch out for that.

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9- AdLandPro


AdLandPro was first founded in 1998. It enhances the security of buyers and sellers by making them create an account before they are able to post, and allows them to report abuse, in the event of (for example) scammers who try to make money off manipulating innocent people. Categories on this classified app include all the usual suspects, although the courses category includes eBooks as well.

10- Locanto


Locanto is another great option among the classified apps for Android and iOS, for American users as well as those located in Canada, South Africa, Austria, Australia, and others. You can add HTML links to your postings, as well as pictures, and ads stay on the app for a full 60 days (2 months). The app offers separate sections for the larger US cities.

Categories of items, services, and others on the app include personals, events, jobs, classes and courses, items for sale, and real estate. The locanto app is especially ideal if you’re looking for services that can be found locally—including babysitters, jobs that are close to your home, and used cars—although ads from national retailers are on the site as well. Locanto ads are special because they resemble those that are posted in newspapers all over the country every day.

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11- OLX


OLX’s one of the best websites to sell stuff locally, OLX’s categories include everything you would expect it to include—real estate, automotive, electronics, clothes, furniture, and so forth. Microsites and apps are offered for a few dozens of countries, including Pakistan, India and South Africa.

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12- LetGo


The American version of OLX site redirects to LetGo, which uses your current location to advertise the items you have for sale. LetGo has a user-friendly interface, and there are no fees attached to listing and selling items on this app. There’s a category for free stuff, too where you can post free classified ads in usa.

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13- Offer Up


Offer Up app allows you to buy and sell items based on type. You can search for items by type, as well as by city or zip code. You can also use its filter feature to choose items based in regions located within a certain geographical reach of that given city. Categories include antiques, appliances, arts and crafts, boats, and auto parts, among countless others.

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14- Geebo


Geebo was founded in 1999, and is available in about 160 communities. It’s particularly ideal for cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as middling to major metropolitan areas like Tulsa and Cincinnati. The app offers sellers the choice of “Safe Trade” transactions, in which buyers and sellers can choose to meet at a police precinct. This cuts down on the problem, seen with other classified apps, to meet in parking lots.

15- Hoobly


Hoobly’s interface is very similar to that of the Craigslist app, and you can find any kind of product listing, whether it’s located in Canada, Europe, or the US. Pet listings are particularly abundant on the app, and it’s free to post listings or communicate with sellers.

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