Technological advancements in the mobile industry have led to an increase in demand for smartphones that come with high quality and specs. The most essential component that every Android user is always concerned about when purchasing a new smartphone is the focused strength of their camera.

Various social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have provided an ideal platform where people can interact freely with each other and share memorable photos or images. This has led to the invention of camera apps for Android that is compatible with the hardware capabilities of smartphones to provide unique and awesome pictures.

The good news is that you can find all these apps in the Google Play Store. However, it takes time to find one that works perfectly on your smartphone the fact that there are endless options to choose from. We made a selection of the best camera apps for Android that offer excellent images and photo effects.

Here are the Top 15 Camera Apps for Android Users

  1. Snapseed


Snapseed is a powerful camera application that provides professional-quality editing tools for photo lovers and Android users. You won’t have a hard time coming up with the best photo shot since it has massive options for editing. Furthermore, you get ultimate control over your pictures with the included sliders that can alter the blur, temperature, and vignette of a photo among other attributes.

If you like the vintage look, then Snapseed provides you with the option to apply its unique Retrolux filter, the 1960s-style film reel effects or the grainy overlays. It makes it easy to produce a new result every time you are editing a photo because you can stack effects on any photo you choose.

Key features

HDR scape, glamour glow, lens blur, ambiance, brush, center-focus, and Tilt-shift (resizes photos)


  • Its features have been integrated into the G+ app
  • It has an intuitive user interface
  • It is free and offers selective adjustments
  • It delivers high-quality photo editing


  • It has limited social integration as it leaves out popular networks like Flickr and Instagram.

[appbox googleplay com.niksoftware.snapseed&hl=en]

  1. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 might be your best bet if you want to get the most control over your photos. It has a busier interface packed with lots of buttons around the viewfinder perimeter. The current settings at the top of the screen displayed in block lettering take on a DSLR vibe. Its extensive selection of light metering modes is one of the most impressive features that make this camera app popular among Android users.

You can choose how to tweak the lighting using automatic settings or blow out a photo that was taken in uneven lighting conditions. A reference point for lighting can be configured to be separate from the focal point.

Key Features

It has a white balance, bracketing, autofocus weight, exposure, manual ISO, and light metering modes.


  • Pictures can be taken at different exposures in rapid succession
  • It comes with a night HDR time lapse
  • It allows activation of exposure compensation
  • It is available in the free version
  • It gives you full control over shutter speed and light sensitivity


  • It has more shutter lag in low light
  • It needs some tweaking to take nicer photos in dim light

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Cymera


Cymera is another best camera app for Android that gives you access to different types of camera lenses and modes. It is highly loaded with features that any Android user might be looking for.

It is the best choice for those who enjoy beauty editing and collage photos because it has special effects, emojis, stickers and beauty tool retouching such as slimming, softening and hairstyles. It only takes a few steps to check out your perfect skin makeover and a single selfie taken with Cymera can generate a lot of likes on social media platforms such as Instagram.


Fisheye and Lomo camera lenses, photo editing tools, smart gallery, body reshaping tools, multiple filters, camera stabilizer, and silent mode.


  • It has 7 amazing camera lens effects
  • It supports more than 10 languages which accommodate users from different regions
  • It has a huge collection of unique features for photo enhancement


  • Its horde of features can be a little overwhelming for newbies
  • It lacks a shadow adjustment feature and color saturation

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie

The selfie craze goes far beyond the hardware innovations as it is also available in some of the best camera apps such as Sweet Selfie. The beautification apps have been widely embraced by the millennial generation as they seek the best shots for Instagram posts and other social media platforms.

It stands out of the competition with its numerous filters, smart selfie modes, and fun features. It was formerly known as Candy Camera and has gone through several upgrades to make it one of the best camera apps for android. It brings a social touch to users with the smart auto-beautifying mode and special contests.

Key features

It offers Smart auto-beautifying mode, typical vintage filters, Stickers, emojis, visual makeover, and fun features.


  • It supports selfie sticks
  • It features various photo effects that make your selfies look glamorous and elegant
  • It is useful on phones that don’t have a front camera as it uses a white frame to emulate the front camera’s flash.


  • It lacks an intuitive user interface
  • There have been reports of frequent spam notifications but can be switched off in the settings by blocking notifications.

[appbox googleplay com.cam001.selfie&hl=en]

  1. VSCO


VSCO is a social media-themed camera app for Android that provides a great outlet for photo lovers to share and inspire. It comes with a wide range of photo-altering tools and presets that give you the ability to transform everyday landscape shots into a stunning finished image. The unique processing technology offered by VSCO promises film-like dazzling results that cannot be found in other camera apps.

A simple tap on your smartphone’s screen can change the perspective of the viewer between the original shot and the edited photo. This camera app also offers the options of sharing your edited images to various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Key features

Incredible filters, photo editing tools, advanced camera controls, and film-inspired presets.


  • The user interface is minimalistic and spotless
  • It offers a large community for sharing pictures
  • It has a unique processing technology when editing photos
  • It has adjustable filter intensity
  • It provides users with the option to tap any part of the screen when taking a photo


  • It has a fairly large learning curve and it might take some time for a new user to figure out all the settings and configurations.

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX

If you have been looking for a camera app with the best focus distance and shutter speed, then Camera Zoom FX will be a perfect match for you. There are many things you can do with this application such as photo composition, photo filters, stable shots, and action shots.

You also get full access to manual DSLR controls and live effects. Camera Zoom FX is available in two versions; the free version and the premium version. If you are not sure on whether Camera Zoom FX is the best for you, you can always test it features using the free version before upgrading to premium.

Key features

HDR mode pro, Live effects, voice activation, Spy camera, killer speed burst mode, RAW capture, shutter speed, focus distance and manual ISO.


  • It contains a healthy dose of UI options and shooting modes
  • It displays the full widescreen frame when taking photos
  • It usually defaults to manual save mode
  • It can either preview the filters live or choose to apply them later


  • It isn’t packed with all the possible filters for different android users

[appbox googleplay slide.camZoomFree&hl=en]

  1. Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate has been a popular camera app for Android over the past few years because of its fully fledged features and pro image editing tools. It was purposely designed to fulfill the needs of the social frenzy millennial population with its selfie and beauty camera and a plethora of cool stickers.

You can also jazz up your pictures using the AR face masks that are often seen in poster templates, art filters, and Snapchat. The most interesting feature of Camera 360 Ultimate is that it gives you the ability to create photo grids and collages as well as filtered and customizable videos.

Key Features

100 great effects, different frames, user-friendly photo album, professional photo edit features, and a new effect store.


  • It can be used with photos or images from any source
  • It comes with all the basic functions needed in a camera app
  • It has a massive number of effects and filters that can be applied to videos and photos
  • It has free unlimited cloud storage
  • It has a dedicated selfie mode and tons of social integration


  • It is relatively slow on old devices
  • It contains excessive pop-up ads that can taint the user experience

[appbox googleplay vStudio.Android.Camera360&hl=en]

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio controls the camera with its own software and comes with a few basic controls to adjust the flash, brightness and white balance. It trends as one of the best all-in-one photo camera apps for Android users because it covers all the necessary bases for mobile photography.

It has excellent image-editing tools, lots of creative control and a variety of attractive filters. Your pictures can also be combined into highly customizable collages using different photo tools and pre-capture effects. The most interesting feature about PicsArt Photo Studio is that it allows for collaborative Photo Sharing with the addition of the new Remix feature.

Key Features

Photo editing tools, collage maker, Curve adjustments, user-created stickers, and a handy cutout tool.


  • It has a user interface that is highly intuitive
  • It gives multiple sharing options after editing
  • It has numerous filters and effects
  • It comes with a precise and simple cutout tool
  • It comes with customizable brushes and layer effects


  • The wide array of features can be overwhelming
  • It contains some lag on the effects

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Footej


Footej is another best camera app for Android that provides you with lots of configurable options when you want to take a picture. It has a unique user interface that comes with an integrated slider and gallery. Although it is a free camera app, there are in-app purchases for a premium package that offers extras.

Some of them include photo histogram, 5 minutes video duration, anti-banding in 50Hz and 60Hz, and improved JPEG quality. With Footej, you can capture photos and videos of high-quality. It gives you access to a wide variety of settings and configurations that helps to improve the looks of your pictures.

Key Features

Shutter speed control, Slow-motion video recording, RAW format, burst mode, animated GIF, snapshot within video recording, manual ISO and much more.


  • It has an amazing photo and video quality
  • It allows taking snapshots while recording a video
  • It comes with an intuitive user interface


  • Its free version contains limited features which might force you to upgrade to the premium version if you want a better user experience.

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Snap Camera

Snap Camera

Snap Camera is suitable for both professional and amateur device users as it offers a fast HDR camera experience that allows you to capture images and video with just one click. It has an easy-to-use interface with numerous effects, settings, and video focus modes. You can always start with the trial version if you want to test the effects of this camera before buying the premium version.

Its powerful user-interface features pinch to zoom, touch to focus and swipe to review. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a feature that allows an Android user to take photos of scenes that have very dark and very light areas.

Key Features

Pinch to zoom, touch to focus, HDR, Self-timer, Silent shutter, Panorama mode, fast picture mode, and a white balance.


  • It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use
  • It comes with regular updates
  • The preview screen is not cluttered
  • It gives a fast HDR camera experience with new features and regular updates


  • It contains in-app purchases and ads which might taint the user experience

[appbox googleplay com.marginz.snap&hl=en]

  1. Proshot


If you prefer using DSLR like manual camera mode on your smartphone, then you will probably be intrigued by what Proshot has to offer. Although it has many features and options, you never have to search over layers of sub-menus to get what you were looking for.

The features have been placed strategically on the corners and edges of its camera making them easily accessible. It is one of the best camera apps for android that gives you the ability to control the camera of your smartphones such as the shutter speed, level of exposure, and focus.

Key features

Bracketing options, manual focusing, custom modes, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, semi-manual and automatic control.


  • It allows full manual control in time-lapse, video and photo modes.
  • It supports multiple aspect ratios
  • It gives ample options to shoot in such as the RAW, JPEG and RAW+JPEG formats
  • It works best on new smartphone devices
  • It comes with numerous features that provide various options for photo editing


  • It doesn’t support android versions that are below 5.1

[appbox googleplay com.riseupgames.proshot2&hl=en]

  1. Camera MX

Camera MX

Camera MX gives you complete control of the resolution of your camera with clear visuals that bring about sharp images. It offers plenty of options when you want to take a picture because it comes packed with full features. There are many things you can do with Camera MX such as creating animated videos and photos.

It also comes with tons of frames, filters, and effects that allow for creative image editing. ‘Shoot The Past’ is one of the most interesting features of Camera MX as it selects the perfect photo once you are done taking a series of pictures. It is an excellent camera app that offers a unique experience to all android users.

Key Features

Gallery, live shots, live wallpapers, GIFs, photo editing tools, rotating camera grid, pause video recordings, and front camera display flash.


  • It has lots of photo effects
  • The photo editing tools provide an awesome photography experience
  • It has amazing features that allow for real-time effects and live shots


  • The user interface might look messy and unintuitive when using it for the first time

[appbox googleplay com.magix.camera_mx&hl=en]

  1. Vignette

VignetteThis is one of the most favorite camera apps you can ever install on your smartphone as it gives a nice touch to every photo you take. The app’s icon honors the Lomo camera filters and it is equipped with more than 70 filters. If you want to get an original and very personal touch with Vignette, mix some of these filters with a frame of your choice in the numerous options provided.

It has a significant effect on the mood of the photo ranging from a strong sense of drama to a dreamy, romantic atmosphere.  It comes with three photo modes; time-lapse, self-timer and the steady-shot mode.

Key Features

70 customizable filters, 50 frames, Touch to Focus, Digital 10 x zoom, Edit imported photos, Instant camera styles, Photo-booth, and double-exposure.


  • It comes with customizable filters that are easy to use.
  • It has tons of sharing options for various social media platforms
  • It allows bulk application of Vignette effects
  • It has lots of camera controls in the setup


  • The shutter is painfully slow may not take clear pictures of fast-moving objects

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Google Camera

Google Camera

This is the official camera app for Android devices that come with prominent features such as video stabilization, photo spheres, and lens blur mode. It is quite simplistic compared to other camera apps we have reviewed before but it can make your pictures look incredibly amazing.

Google Camera has a neat interface and it is also beginner friendly. Enter the camera modes settings by swiping your screen from the right edge to the center. You can also adjust the picture quality and resolution for better results. The Walk-Ball panorama is one of the most interesting features of Google Camera that allows you to focus through the motion sensors.

Key Features

Lens blurs mode, RAW features, HDR+ mode, photo spheres, and video stabilization.


  • It has simple and easy to use interface
  • It has a depth of field effect for people with DSLR cameras
  • It allows adjustment of blur level after taking a photo


  • You might experience bugs and app crashing on the Lens Blur mode
  • It lacks options when it comes to storage
  1. A Better Camera

A Better Camera

This is an all-purpose camera app for Android that creates high-quality pictures by integrating all the advanced camera functions. It also features the ‘Best Shot’ mode which automatically detects the best shot photo once you have taken a series of pictures. A Better Camera is one of the best camera apps with lots of unique and advanced features any photo enthusiasts will prefer.

It is available in the free version but comes with a few in-app purchases. You can also unlock a lot more amazing features with A Better Camera by upgrading to the premium version. It is most ideal for people who enjoy sharing their lifestyle on various social media platforms.

 Key features

Self-timer, barcode scanner, color effects, white balance, HDR, multishot, HD panorama. It also comes with the flash mode, focus mode and scene mode.


  • It allows for instant post-processing
  • It creates high-quality photos and videos
  • It comes with advanced camera functions
  • The premium version contains more amazing features


  • It contains some in-app purchases and ads that lower the user experience

[appbox googleplay com.almalence.opencam&hl=en]


All of these camera apps for android offer numerous features that allow you to be more creative with your photos. Whether you want the addition of special effects, manual controls or enhancing selfies, the above camera apps will make you get the most out of your camera’s abilities.

Although they all have their benefits and downsides, you can always find one that is compatible with the hardware capabilities of your smartphone. Now that you have an idea of the best camera apps for android, you can finally enjoy taking selfies and editing your photos with a few taps away.

Sharing your creative photos on various social media platforms is one of the best ways of having fun and interacting with family and friends.

** Images credit to the original uploaders and apps author at Google Play Store**

15 Best Camera Apps for Android 2019
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