10 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

How long can your smartphone without charging? One major challenge facing smartphone users’ is the battery draining issue. With the world getting more interconnected, it is becoming increasingly necessary to access the internet 24/7. To many of us, our smartphones provide the avenue. There are those of us who cannot be offline for business purposes. Think of a guy whose main work involves managing social media platforms such as Facebook. What about a digital marketer who has to communicate to clients throughout? There are cases that require people to be online throughout. Yet the issue of power plagues us all. One thing we all cherish is the advancement in technology. New phones come with a lot of specifications that makes not only attractive but also efficient. Nevertheless, these features require a lot of power and that is why your battery can only last for a maximum of 8-10 hours. You may be forced to look for a power bank for it to be alive a little bit longer. For this reason, it is extremely important to be acquainted with battery saving strategies. There are so many applications that claim to be helpful in this regard. However, as in other aspects of life where a choice has to make, you need to be very careful. It is not easy to come by an app that effectively helps you save battery. This is because nearly all measures needed are manual, among them reducing screen brightness and turning down the rate at which applications sync data. In some cases, improvements can only be seen when manufacturers try to increase the battery efficacy of the hardware. As highlighted earlier there some apps that come handy in this regard. Nevertheless, choosing the right ones is an uphill task. Fortunately, we are going to help you here by discussing 10 Best Battery Saving Apps for Mobile. Follow along and see the one that appeals to you.

1. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver Have you tried this app before? It is the most common of all the battery saving apps. The app has a number of functions meant to help users’ supervise their phones’ battery as well as enhancing its performance. In addition, it has other functions that aid security. Let us look at some of these features. Features
  • One tap battery saver
  • Security enhancement functions such as app protection along with Wi-Fi Security Inspection.
  • Has a friendly interface
  • The home screen depicts a number of imperative details relating to the phone and its current battery status.
  • Users’ can possibly track the app usage
If you are among millions of Android users’ across the world, this app will significantly benefit you. It will help you boost the life of your smartphone’s battery. Try it out.

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2. Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner This among the best power saver applications out there. It saves 50% of the phone’s battery, showing applications that hamper it. Besides, you can personalize your settings and easily run the app. With this app, you will be able to eliminate all the trash in your phone and boost its efficiency as well as its available space. You have the chance to personally activate its features and so you can prioritize what appeals to you. In addition, the app allows for managing other tools present in your device. This is a simple application with a lot of useful features, not to mention it is ads-free. Features
  • Battery saving settings can be customized
  • Features phone optimizer
  • Has cache cleaner
  • The user can shut down the running process in the background to avoid tampering with the functionality of other tools.
This app has a 4.5-star rating, showing most of the users find it appealing. Give it a try.

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3. Power Battery

Power Battery This one has often been voted as the best power saving app. It allows you to optimize all the apps that drain the battery. Besides, it shows the exact time left before your device can go off. In addition, it has a number of quick charging features such as shutting down the applications that drains power as the phone charges. Besides, it also shows the exact time remaining for the battery to be full during recharging. The app can as well help identify the apps with greatest power usage. It allows you to stop them if you need to prolong battery life. Features
  • The speed mode help in charging the battery quickly.
  • The trickle mode lessens charging input when the battery is already 100%
  • Identify apps with huge power usage

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4. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery Life Kaspersky has designed its own battery saver app. The app offers a lot of details regarding such as the remaining usage time and the time left for the battery to be fully charged. It also allows users to shut down the apps high power usage but exclude termination of your best app when you opt to prolong the battery life. Features
  • Shows the power left before the phone shuts down.
  • Shuts battery draining applications.
  • Prevent apps from restarting automatically.
  • Allow users to select notifications they can receive.
  • Shows the time needed for a full charge.

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5. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver Avast has also joined in developing apps for battery saving. This app also allows you to stop all power-hungry applications by a single click on the stop apps icon. Like others, it can let you know the remaining battery life. Besides, you can activate the preconfigured mode to enhance the performance of the battery. Features
  • Can stop running apps
  • Simple and easy to utilize
  • Can be upgraded
  • Easy to configure battery saver modes

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6. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor This a very popular battery saving app, though it cannot do anything itself to save the situation. It only shows applications that largely consume power. This information can then be used to enhance the battery’s performance. It shows other details such as wakelocks as well as wake time. Features
  • Quite easy to use
  • Has a root companion
  • Offers information on how apps utilize the power

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7. Greenify

battery saving apps This is a very important root application that you should have. It offers a number of alternatives when it comes to prolonging your battery’s life. For instance, it can automatically shut down applications with high power consumption on the background. Features
  • Allow users’ to mute apps’ notifications
  • Has an analyzer that shows power consumption on each app

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8. Super Battery

Super Battery Here is another great power saver app. It has a number of ways of helping users monitor the power usage of their devices. For instance, it can hasten battery charging but without overheating issues. In addition, it helps optimize battery usage by shutting down applications with high power usage. Besides, it offers other significant details such as battery percentage as well as the remaining time. What is more, other essential features such as junk cleaner are provided. This helps to create some space for other applications. Features
  • Has battery extender
  • Features energy analyzer
  • Has junk cleaner
  • Power browser

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9. AccuBattery

AccuBattery This is the app with the most efficient and easy interface when compared to other apps in this regard. It also has a lot of battery saving aspects. For instance, boost the charging speed, it helps you know the most appropriate charger and USB cable for your smartphone. Features
  • Can quantify the charging current.
  • Provides a lot of notifications such as remaining battery life
  • Can quantify battery capacity
  • Show power usage by apps

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10. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor The final one in our list is the battery doctor. Interestingly, it supports at least 28 languages. Besides, the app is designed for both Android and iOS. You can download for free on either platform. The app allows for supervision of the battery condition based on the type of the app. Features
  • It accurately shows the battery remaining time
  • Shuts down apps upon screen lock
  • Allows for brightness control.

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There are so many battery saving apps. However, not all of them will serve you best. In this blog, we have discussed the best apps that can help you. Go through them and pick one that perfectly suits you. If anything is unclear, feel free to make an inquiry and we will be glad to get back to you. Thank you.
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