12 Best Apps to Watch Live Sports on Android

Living life to the peak with the frequent update has now become very simple and easy. Yes! This is due to the advancement in basically all the utilities we make use of in our society today. It is no exaggeration to say it is the unrealized ability of science and technology which prompts the “Internet” output on the day to day activities for a quick result. The internet enhances a satisfactory experience to users and viewers in general. While developers have created numerous applications that extend the functionality of a live streaming sports TV free for smartphones, gadgets, and many other utilities.

Why Use Apps to Watch Live Sports

Basically, we want users to realize that they can Watch Live Sports irrespective of the type of sports they love to watch; nonetheless, our focus is to guide you through the best part of enjoying live sports TV coverage with fully comprehensive collections that are accessible through the Android applications. It is Undeniable that sport is endowed with an extraordinary capacity of bringing people together. Either as a player, gambler, fan, or viewer; sports produce incomparable emotion that cannot be fathomed by any other event. Meanwhile, only a selected number of sports lovers get to the seat and watch the live event on TV or at the main location. Obviously, we all can access our smartphones as it is handy. As a sports lover, no more boredom at the traffic jam, during your free periods at work, or even when you might free lonely as you can watch live sports streaming online free.

Legitimate Apps to Watch Live Sports on Android

With highly sophisticated features, free sports streaming has become the fashion for you to enjoy a unique experience. This has changed many individual’s points of view in regards to their perspective about sports in general. As we consider the popularity of sports lovers, app developers are offering better functionality to Android devices in order to allow users to make their selections based on desirability. As a matter of fact, the demand for live sport streaming amongst different age group is awe-inspiring. Even an individual with a limited budget or low source of income can watch free live football online now. It is now a common deed that has a huge impact amongst all types of business, non-business, professionals, students, young and old, name it; any person that love the sport. Our intention is to attract Android users and make sure they are engaged with applications that are legitimate and also become consistent visitors and afterward, customers.

Best Sports Apps for Android Phones

Some of the online streaming apps on Android phones today are highly deceptive, once you install them, you will find out that are full of malware and viruses which can be detrimental to your smartphone. Therefore, do not be deceived to installing any streaming apps based on their fascinating appearance. A reliable source to begin your downloads is the Google Play Store or Amazon Store. As we go through the guide in details below, I will orient you with some of the most trusted apps to watch live sports on your Android devices with fewer hassles. Nonetheless, make sure you allow the “unknown sources” feature with a check while installing the apps you have selected on your device. This can be set by simply going through your device “settings”, and next to the “security” then you check the unknown sources.
  1. The ESPN App

When you talk of sports, ESPN cannot be overlooked as it comes with an eccentric interface that is always pleasing to user’s satisfaction. Do you want to talk about the swift response that project while you make use of the ESPN app even at a normal internet rate? ESPN comes with the dashboard that allows you to create a personal account for the notifications of any event that is most preferred by you. Talk of News, events, highlights, updates, and scores from your favorite team ranging from NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, and more; ESPN is aware of your desire without any delay. [appbox googleplay air.WatchESPN&hl=en]
  1. The 365Scores App

This is another free live streaming app that is available for Android users. Regardless of the type of sports, be it football, American football, tennis, hockey, handball, basketball, rugby, or even cricket, and more; 365Scores provide you with active data in response to recent updates on each event. Here, there is a push notification that can be configured and personalized based on your interest of leagues, teams, fixtures, or tournaments. Live coverage from 365Scores is instant, just five after the live event occurrence. [appbox googleplay com.scores365&hl=en]
  1. The LiveScore App

Name the event, as long as it is sports, LiveScore app is always there saying yes to your needs. LiveScore app comes with responsive and fast details; it is truly a live streaming app for big-time sports on any Android devices with the internet connection. LiveScore app can be comprehended easily with its user-friendly features. As a sports lover, you can’t afford such an exciting provision on your Android device every now and again. [appbox googleplay com.livescore&hl=en]
  1. The SuperSport App

It is no longer News that the popularity of Supersport cannot be overemphasized as millions of users subscribe to view their favorite sport. Now, let’s talk of the app, the SuperSport app is scheduled to provide you with a live stream instant coverage without any delay. Easy access, live commentary, online chats, group chats, and more, the SuperSport app got it all in stock for you. The location for your usage is not a barrier with the Supersport app as you get to enjoy your live stream, recent updates, and the highlights of your favorite sports and teams. [appbox googleplay com.supersport.android.phone&hl=en]
  1. The CBS App

The fifth on our list is the CBS live stream sports app for Android users. This app allows you to keep up with your desired sports event based on recent updates, live action, News, scores, statistics, highlights, and different kinds of analysis. You can easily reach out to personalize your favorite sports event and team. You can also create a watchlist for yourself where you get to receive alerts and notifications based on your selections. Additionally, with the use of the CBS app, you can navigate to rank the sport that you like and give it the highest gesture of remark. [appbox googleplay com.cbs.app&hl=en]
  1. The FuboTV App

The FuboTV app has its radar focused on live sports! However, its basic package varies from the premium as they offer different features and functionalities based on rankings. FuboTV app covers a large number of sports both local and international. It has no restriction to different tournaments around the globe as ten live channels are inclusive and can be set on the reminder feature of the app. This will enable you to remain well-informed about your favorite match starts and you will not miss out a thing. [appbox googleplay tv.fubo.mobile&hl=en]
  1. The BBC Sports App

Beyond every reasonable doubt, BBC Sports app is right-on our best list of the apps to watch live sports on Android. Every up to date sports action are readily available here with pleasant displays. With the BBC Sports app, you can also communicate with your friends to share stories about the results and you can follow other members too. [appbox googleplay uk.co.bbc.android.sportdomestic&hl=en]
  1. The Mobdro App

The Mobdro app is so fascinating! This is because it is available with multifunctional features without any price charges. As it is widely used to meet the need of live sports video streaming request, we recommend you chose this app. It is compatible with your Android device with swift reference back to the point where you stop previously even after a network error or glitch. Mobdro app is extraordinarily good as it offers other interesting features such as bookmarking, free data storage medium to save videos. Also, the Mobdro app is inbuilt with over ten different languages that more than thirty different countries can understand; this gives the user a wide range of collections to choose from, not to talk of its user-friendly interface without creating an account or signing up. You can easily download the Mobdro app on the Google Play Store app on your Android device just make sure it has an operating system of 4.1 and above.

Download Mobdro App

  1. The Live Net TV App

Live Net TV app covers a huge live sports streaming service across the globe! Right from United state, to the Middle Eastern countries, even to the UK, as it covers through Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iran, and more countries. Live Net TV app is designed for easy usage by the untrained user as it has a very remarkable interface with a flow over the surface. Watch that sport you love LIVE regardless of the planet it originates from. Some of the features of the Live Net TV app include its support to live sport high-quality streams, filter for the channels that you prefer, also, it can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the official website of Live Net TV app.

Download Live Net TV App

  1. The Show Sports TV App

Another awesome application that is dedicated to the usage of streaming live sports without stress is the Show Sports TV app. Here, you get to enjoy the visual coverage of your favorite sport on your Android device. Despite the inclusion of some troublesome Ads, the app runs smoothly without clusters. As a matter of fact, the Show Sports TV app offers a wide range channel for sky sports stream, Sony Ten stream, Sports Klub stream, beIN Sports stream, Fox Sports stream, Sports Net stream, AD Sports stream, Star Sports stream, WWE Network stream, BT Sports stream, and more. With the full recommendation, we attest to the usage of Show Sports TV app as it supports live sports HD quality stream, runs with chat features, and has unrestricted access to over ninety channels around the world freely.

Show Sports Tv App

  1. The YipTV App

Without expressing any form of visual derogation, YipTV app helps with that unique live stream sports content. This platform grows with the tremendous modification that will best suit user satisfaction with an easy user interface. YipTV app offers over one hundred live sport streaming channels with numerous highlight from various networks such as the Flight Network, BelN Sports, EuroNews, Bloomberg, and more. In addition, YipTV app helps in keeping up with live stream sports injury reports, live breaking news, live score updates, live breaking news, and fantasy picks. Stay tuned always as YipTV app is at your reach within a twinkle of an eye for your live sports streams wherever you are. [appbox googleplay com.yiptv.android.client3&hl=en_US]
  1. The Livestream App

Straight from your Android device, Livestream app actively conducts a wide range of different live sports stream collection with convenience. With your interest, you can choose to personalize your page, and then post a live video of yourself for your friends, and you can follow the team or sports club you desire. Some of the live coverage live sports events you can enjoy on Livestream app include the live conferences, live music, and News. Another awesome feature to enjoy with the Livestream app is the inbuilt chat session. [appbox googleplay com.livestream.livestream&hl=en]

Final Verdict

With the use of an Android device, you get to enjoy the internet with its pioneered intention of being easy, fun-filled, and enriching. Get started with your claims and buy your Android device right away. I can bet you will not regret you did. Having done this, we recommend you keep your Android device secure and ensure you do not load the device system with irrelevant and excessive data. Meanwhile, the preference of every individual varies; that is our main aim of collating several apps for watching live sports, well detailed above to watch live sports on your Android device. With this, we have provided different options for Android users to select based on their desirability. Also Read: Top 10 Free Movie Apps for Android 2018
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