7 Best App Killer Android – Task Killer for Boosting Mobile Speed

Have you noticed your brand new phone suddenly becomes slow and your apps get shut down for no reason? Independently of the phone you have, they all consume your RAM 24/7 and you may need an app killer Android. Each Android generation is better than the previous one, but that does not solve the issue of your battery life getting drained and you’re RAM getting stuck for all the apps that run in the background, that’s why task killer apps are still so demanded. So if you happen to be using Google Maps on a daily basis and it suddenly closes without warning and it forces you to reboot your phone, keep reading because we have gathered all the information you need about the advanced task killer you didn’t know you needed.

What is an App Killer Android?

Every app you download to your phone leaves a track and many are designed to work without you requesting them to do it: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, Gmail, etc. Sure, you can close the apps manually but they will, eventually, start running on their own again and you will have to start the process from the beginning. It’s quite an annoying chore because you are not thinking all the day about it, you just do it when you unlock your phone and notice it’s taking forever to open an app. That’s why we have task killer apps, they are tools designed to improve our smartphone’s Ram and battery life. Basically what they do is force-stop running apps and background processes to free up our RAM and make it work faster; it won’t run as fast as that first day you unboxed your phone, but believe us when we tell you that it will run smoothly. When you download and run an advanced task killer, you help your phone or tablet’s CPU because you are removing tasks from its list, whether that means automatic updates, app services, notifications, activities, broadcasts, etc. If your CPU has fewer things to work on, then it has to invest less energy and space on its regular tasks, meaning, your battery will last longer and your Android will not get stuck or shut down of a sudden. Task killer apps come in handy particularly for those applications that come installed with your phone and can’t be uninstalled at all. And for those apps that drain our Ram but we simply can’t uninstall them because we use them daily. Android has evolved a lot and their most new OS pauses some apps when you are not using them, for example, if you were waiting for a bus and scrolling Instagram but you stopped when the bus arrived, the app gets paused and resumes when you open it again. This is a clever idea because it is not technically running on the background, but if your phone does not have enough RAM, it will still be a problem for executing other apps when one is “paused”. Either way, downloading an app killer Android won’t harm your phone, so before you jump to the Play Store, let’s review some of the best advance task killer apps we can find.

Best App Killer Android in 2019

1. Greenify

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify&hl=en] This is one of the best app killer Android you will find on the store, it has more than 200.000 positive reviews and works completely off-line. The best part of Greenify is how easy it is to use it, it has an intuitive platform and an easy to follow interface, so even if you don’t really know how to run a task killer, after downloading Greenify you will have no doubts. It recognizes the apps that are consuming your phone’s resources too fast, especially those that eat your battery out. It shows you a list of apps with these characteristics and you get to shut down the ones you don’t want to run automatically in the background. You don’t need to open Greenify to “awake” the app you just shut down, simply open it again and it will start running like always does. But if you ever want to shut it again, Greenify is there for you. This last feature will enchant you because if you do this chore manually, you would have to lock and unlock from the system features all the time, and even though it’s not hard, it is quite annoying.

2. ES Task Manager

[appbox googleplay com.estrongs.android.taskmanager&hl=en] This one has more than 170.000 positive reviews on the Play Store, it is developed by the same people who made ES File Explorer, which is an amazing tool as well. ES Task Manager is as easy to use as Greenify, the platform is professional and easy to understand. Besides shutting down background running apps, it allows you to clean old files that may be junk to this point on your smartphone. Also, you get to optimize the phone main options and how power is divided. To use ES Task Manager simply download it, open the task manager tab and it will show you the troublesome apps. However, according to some users’ reviews, there is a slight problem with the last patch. Some people complaint that the list of apps comes out empty and you don’t know which ones to turn off, and some others say that one of the key features, the Cache Cleaner, stopped working recently. Even though it has been downloaded by more than 10 million people and weighs only 2.50MB, maybe you will want to wait for a better update on this one.
ES Tasl Manager

3. Shut App

[appbox googleplay com.wurfel.closeapp.ca&hl=en] They don’t use the slogan “Real Battery Saver” for no reason. Shut App focuses on the apps that take too much of your battery and offers you the possibility to shut them down for a long time. It also shuts down apps that stay working on the background even on unrooted phones. Now, here’s a small issue with Shut App, when we tell you they put down the apps, we mean it. It shows you a list of apps that can have access to your RAM and battery, and another list of apps that can’t (at least for a while). But if you are expecting an important private message on Twitter or an update of someone on Facebook, you better don’t shut them with this advanced app killer because they won’t have internet access until you manually open them or free them directly with Shut App. Shut App weights 3MB and it’s completely free.
Shutt App
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4. App Terminator – Task Killer

[appbox googleplay com.androidrocker.taskkiller&hl=en] The name says it all, doesn’t it? Previously known as Task Killer, App Terminator shows you how much of your RAM is being used and exactly which apps are consuming it. Only by clicking a checkbox you get to turn off or on all the apps that you want, and if you check the settings tab, you can program App Terminator to shut some apps for a specific amount of time, avoiding the notifications problem that Shut App has. You can also fill a list with the apps you want running in the background all the time so you won’t accidentally shut them down. Something wild users of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail will certainly enjoy. Are there any problems with this task killer? Just a few, some users report that it does not close down and that it shows you publicity, but hey, it’s a free app that weighs only 2.50MB, we can stand some adds.
Task Killer

5. Simple System Monitor

[appbox googleplay com.dp.sysmonitor.app&hl=en] A strong competitor for Greenify is Simple System Monitor. It has only been downloaded for 100.000 people, but mostly because it costs $1.99 and there are other free task killers. Despite the statistics, almost 95% of the people who downloaded it has a positive review. It comes with a file manager, easy app uninstalls service, cache cleaner and shows you a live graphic of how your phone is working. It is so well designed and shows you the live activity of your RAM, internal storage, SD card, network, CPU, and more. You can directly erase any file you want, test disks’ writing and reading speed, view the temperatures of thermal zones and it has a floating mode to see the graphic you are most interested in while running other apps. To us, this is one of the bests app killers out there, but is it really worth it for regular people? Maybe not, because it shows you so much data that you probably don’t need to understand when all you want is your phone’s battery to last longer. Then again, it is honestly not expensive so you can give it a try.
Simple System Monitor

6. Advance Task Killer

[appbox googleplay com.paksoftwares.advancedtaskkiller] This one does not have the most amazing interface, nor the friendliest one, but it does an outstanding job. Advanced Task Killer is also a strong competitor for Greenify and Simple System Monitor, mostly because it works really good and it’s also free. Simply download it, select the apps you want to terminate and press the “kill switch”, like a silent professional assassin, all the apps that drain your battery and asphyxiate your RAM will be shut down. Despite its great performance, it will show you add and it consumes a little bit of RAM. It is also heavier than the other task killers, this one has 5MB.
Advance Task Killer

7. System Panel 2

[appbox googleplay nextapp.sp&hl=en] Our last recommendation for the day is another paid app, System Panel 2 shows all the information about the apps that run in your phone, we mean it, all the information. Including live performance graphics, you get to see specific daily data from all kind of applications installed. How long are they used, how much energy do they use, when they use more energy and space, how your CPU is working, etc? It allows you to back up some data and to delete all the files you don’t need anymore to make more space. It’s very similar to Simple System Monitor, but with a much cleaner interface. It offers a free trial version that will make you fall in love, but no worries, if you really like it it’s only $1.99. Again, this is a very specific task killer that will show you a bunch of information you may not really be interested in, so if you just want a simple app killer Android, you can use the free version of System Panel 2 or pick any of the other free apps we just mentioned.
System Panel 2


Please notice that none of these app killers Android will completely swipe your RAM, and that’s because an empty RAM is pretty much useless. What you have to take care of is not using 100% of its capacity because it will start to crash, and that’s where a task killer app can help you by shutting down apps that are running in the background. We strongly recommend you not to stop essential apps that came installed with your OS, we know they occupy space you would like to use for something else, but getting rid of those native apps may cause more harm to your phone. When you try to shut it down to save space or battery, the Android system will automatically notice this and turn it back up. So basically you would be shutting up and down the same app all day, unnecessarily draining battery yourself. If you see a strange behavior from an app thanks to the task killer you chose, meaning, if suddenly drains too much battery, if it’s impossible to shut it down, or if comes up back to life almost immediately after turning it off, you may want to uninstall it. It’s a sign that you downloaded an app that it’s off-date or that it’s damaged. Also, watch out for new task killer apps you may stumble with on the Play Store. Always check the reviews and other people’s comments to see if it’s running properly. Also Read: 10 Best Volume Boosters For Android
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