Best Anti-Revoke Apps for iPhone Users

These days, more and more people are turning to third-party app stores, and the reason for that is two-fold. First, most of the app installers we can use were released originally as alternatives to Cydia.In the last couple of years, jailbreak utilities have been really thin on the ground, and even the latest releases are not suitable for all users.To that end, a bunch of developers gave us an alternative way of downloading modified apps and games, a few Cydia tweaks and a whole lot more without having to install a jailbreak first.The second reason that people are turning to these installers is that the iOS app store is so restrictive in what kind of apps are allowed in that users are finding it hard to get what they want.With the third-party app stores, while the content is all unofficial, it is free, and they can download just about anything they want. That has led to a new problem for iOS users – these installers and any apps installed from them keep crashing because the certificate has been revoked.There are a couple of solutions to this – anti-revoke apps, and we’ll tell you all about them shortly.

Nothx Anti-Revoke App

nothxNothx anti-revoke app is incredibly simple in how it works. When you download it, it gives you a dummy VPN. This VPN will mask your online activity so neither Apple nor your mobile provider will be able to see where your apps and software are coming from.If they can’t see them, they can’t detect them, and that means the certificates cannot be revoked. Nothx is free and takes little time to install; once you’ve got it, you are fully protected.

LazarusJailed Anti-Revoke App

lazarusLazarusJailed is more advanced than Nothx. This app is based on the voucher_swap exploit released by Brandon Azad and combines that with the anti-revoke capabilities. The way it works is that, whenever you close a third-party app down, the app cache is cleared out automatically. App data cannot be passed onto the Apple servers, and without that data, Apple can’t revoke the certificate. It’s that simple in how it works.The big question is, how do you get both of these anti-revoke apps? The answer is to use the top-rated third-party app installer, TweakBox.

How to Download the Anti-Revoke Apps

 TweakBox app is packed with modified apps and games and some of the better Cydia tweaks. This is where you will find the anti-revoke apps and here’s how to get them:tweakbox
  1. Using your iPhone or iPad, go to the TweakBox page and download the installer
  2. When it’s done, find the app icon on your home screen and tap to open it
  3. Tap on Apps and use the search box to find either Nothx or LazarusJailbreak.
  4. Tap the download result and then tap on getting or Install
  5. Wait; when the anti-revoke app has been downloaded, tap the icon on your home screen to set it up

Why Do We Need Anti-Revoke Apps?

 Simply because the app installers and everything in them is unofficial. Many of the apps and games have been modified in some way – stock apps have been given great new features to make them work the way they should do, and games have had all their in-app purchase unlocked.None of that is the kind of thing that Apple supports and, because the installers are kind of app stores, they are in direct competition with Apple; that alone knocks them out of the official store. Because they are not official, the only way these installers can run is to use Enterprise app certificates that have expired. Apple sweeps for these every few days, and when they find them, they revoke them, causing the app installers to crash. No matter how many times you reinstall the installer, it will just continue to crash.The anti-revoke apps put a stop to that happening, and there are two in particular that works very well.With third-party content so popular now, anti-revoke apps have become a necessity as the only way to stop Apple revoking your app certificates. They stop the endless cycle of having to reinstall everything and the irritation of losing all your apps and games every few days. With TweakBox, it’s easy, and you get a whole heap of other cool apps and games at the same time so download it and get your antirevoke apps today.
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