The cult-classic DOS game from the early-mid 90s Ascendancy has been released on the App Store as a Universal App. This game should give any gamers who love strategy and space-exploration games a treat. There aren’t too many DOS ports on the App Store or games with this much depth and complexity. I really like the idea of the iOS embracing such genres, especially on the iPad with many users wanting longer and deeper games on the tablet.

Ascendancy is known as a 4x strategy-space game with turn-based gameplay. The 4x’s stand for exploring, expand, exterminate, and exploit. You build structures, advanced colonies, and engage in space wars over large territories-frontiers.

Let’s hope the iDevice version kept those long, in-depth tutorials shall we. Let’s also hope we will see more DOS games and 4x strategy games on the iDevices. Along with this title and Weird Worlds that also just made an appearance on the App Store, things are looking sharp for the space-exploring gamers out there.


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