20 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Free

Anime is a global phenomenon. A lot of people like to watch anime because it’s fun, unique, informative and it has a whole lot of cool animations. The stories are extraordinary too. And since there are lots of themes out there, it’s safe to say that finding free anime to watch isn’t going to be a problem. There are classics like Dragon Ball, as well as Bleach and newcomers like Attack on Titan and many others. Either way, all you have to do is to find the right anime streaming sites and use them at your own convenience.

List of 20 Best Anime Streaming Sites

1. AnimeNova

AnimeNova If you want a fast anime stream that covers most animes out there, then AnimeNova is the right one for you. This is where you get free anime and the cool thing is that the site is known to work incredibly well. We encourage you to check this out if you love anime and want to see all the latest episodes. They are actively uploading new stuff all the time, so you are bound to enjoy this quite a bit. The interface can definitely be improved, but for what it is you do get quite a lot. And it’s one of the free anime websites, which does mean a lot.

2. AnimeHere.co (Anime Park)

Anime Park Another one of the best anime streaming sites. This one actually has a clean interface. What this does is that it shows all the latest episodes and it also allows you to see the schedule with upcoming stuff. This type of thing is really cool and it goes to show just how impressive a website like this can really be. They also make it easy for you to browse the content as you try to find a specific anime. You do get to find quite a lot of stuff here, so overall there’s a ton of value and quality for what you get. We encourage you to check it out as it’s a nice one.

3. Sidereel

Sidereel Sidereel isn’t one of the full anime websites, it also has cartoons, dramas and so on. But they do have a ton of anime content, which means you can easily find most of the stuff you are looking for. Even if it’s not fully dedicated to anime, you still have a ton of stuff to watch with your friends and that will be a great experience. It’s one of the nicest anime streaming sites visually, and it definitely has all the content and features you need in one great package. So yes, it’s certainly one of the best sites in the industry for this.

4. AnimeReborn

AnimeReborn When you enter the AnimeReborn website, you will be quite amazed with how many basic titles are here. The free anime here is pretty nice, although they aren’t as up to date as other sites when it comes to the amount of stuff they give. On the other hand, the titles that you can find here are updated and you can find the latest episodes without having to worry that much about any problems. So you do have plenty of stuff in the end. The site does have a ton of ads, which can be a bit problematic but in the end it’s still a nice option.

5. AnimeXD.me

AnimeXD.me The way they branded this website is interesting, and it’s easy to see that they put a lot of work into this. The color scheme makes it easy to find the best anime stream out there. You will notice that this is one of the few free anime streaming sites with a very clean interface. That can help you a lot and it will totally bring in front the best possible experience and results that you can find on the market. Even if the layout is busy and not as impressive as you might imagine, you do get a lot of value for what it is, so do try and check it out if possible.

6. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet We like this website because it has a whole lot of content. You need to create a free account and then you can easily see original or dubbed anime in no time. It’s also nice that they allow you to create a list with favorites, must watch and so on. In addition, the community is friendly, vibrant and they always give you some great options to consider.

7. AnimeFreak.tv

AnimeFreak.tv As the name suggests, this is for all anime fans out there. It has a ton of ads and that detracts from the overall value of this site. That being said, you do have subbed as well as dubbed anime options. And since they add anime daily, it’s safe to say that you can get a whole lot for your money here. It’s one of the best possible options that you can find out there and you will be amazed at how good this really is in the first place. The experience is basic, true, but it works.

8. EyeOnAnime.TV

EyeOnAnime.TV The addition of a black and blue color scheme on this website makes things a bit too distracting for a lot of people. Just like many other free anime streaming sites out there, this one also has a ton of ads. But despite being simple, it has tons of regular updates and you can find some old gems as well as the new stuff here. If you love anime, it’s a good idea to check it out.

9. AnimePill.com

AnimePill.com It’s always nice to find one of those simple anime websites where you can focus on the experience rather than anything else out there. The dynamic website UI is a nice addition. We also like the fact that AnimePill.com is responsive, because it delivers an amazing and quite interesting user experience all the time in that situation. The site is also full of content, which is what a lot of people want to see from a website like this. The user experience is pretty good for what it is, and since it’s a way to watch free anime you can hardly complain.

10. AnimeSub.tv

Just like most anime streaming sites here, it offers a simple and fun experience. You can search for the anime stream you want and the layout is fully functional. You do have lots of stuff to enjoy and for the most part, it definitely delivers a lot more than you might imagine. It’s not a whole lot, but then again people that want a simple anime stream will like it a lot.

11. Animotime (HorribleAnime)

Animotime Although the name is not appealing at all, they have a whole lot of good anime on the website here. The homepage alone is filled with stuff and you will be quite amazed with the features that it can deliver. The best part about it is that it gives you all the content you want and you can find shows, movies, complete seasons, even the latest episodes. It’s the complete package for those that want great anime.

12. ChiaAnime.tv

ChiaAnime.tv ChiaAnime.tv looks nice and while the ads can be too much at times, the basic layout gives you all the content you want in no time. They did a very good job at making it easy for you to access free anime without a problem. And this is one of the simplest anime streaming sites that’s fast and super reliable. It also has manga and Asian dramas too.

13. AnimeDao

AnimeDao We love AnimeDao because it’s so simple you can easily find all the free anime you want on it. The filters only include a list with all anime for simpler search and a list with all the popular content. All of that adds up to bring you all the benefits and experience you need in a complete package. Yes, it’s not the most impressive visually, but it works the way you want and it’s easy to browse/search.


ANIMESHOW.TV Adding a WordPress-like layout helps ANIMESHOW.TV a lot. Most anime streaming websites that offer free anime are known to be very hard to browse. This site is not like that at all. It has a section for anime that was already completed, and you also have a section for ongoing anime too. You will know which are the latest episodes and usually they will add all the content that you want within a few hours after it’s released. You certainly get a complete package with ANIMESHOW.TV, so if you’re looking for great anime this is the best one for you.

15. AnimeSeason (My Anime List)

AnimeSeason The AnimeSeason experience is less appealing when compared to other anime websites. But it doesn’t really matter that much in the end, because it still gets the job done better than you might imagine. It’s extremely impressive from a visual standpoint, the attention to detail is extraordinary and we are quite amazed at the hard work put into this. For the most part, you will not have a problem using this site, and even if it has ads, the video player works just fine and that’s the most important part of it all.

16. Neoneko.net

Neoneko.net Neoneko.net comes with pretty good anime watching experience. Most of the titles that you can find here are new. But just like many other anime stream websites, this one also has its fair share of oldies but goldies. One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t really have a lot of ads on this website, which is a good thing. Even if it might take a while to get used to it, for the most part, it will be well worth the effort.


ANIMESTREAMS.TV Whether you like it or not, ANIMESTREAMS.TV does a very good job at keeping you up to date with free anime. Their list is pretty good and you can access most of the best stuff right now. As well as any other goldies that you can do anime stream online for. It’s going to take a bit of time to get used to its visuals, but if you get past that the experience is pretty nice and interesting, to begin with. They do connect with the community and upload new stuff based on what people want.


KISSANIME.RU For a lot of people, this is the ultimate solution when looking for anime streaming sites for free. It does a very good job at letting you browse the list and figure out what content you want to watch right now. There are trending lists, you can report stuff or request new animes too, which is a very good thing. The UI is functional, not exactly beautiful but it does work for what it is and that’s what matters. However, the video player is very interesting and it’s one of the nicest sites for people that are avid anime watchers. You can rarely say that this site doesn’t have what you want.


GOGOANIME.IO There are many reasons to like GOGOANIME.IO. One of them is that it has a lot of content and it’s really easy to use. It’s an adaptable website and at the same time you have pictures and great thumbnails, you can watch from any season onward and you can see dubs as well as recent releases. All the filters work great and they also have movies on the website too. If you want a great and complete anime experience, GOGOANIME.IO is one of the better options out there.


Even if the black and purple combination is not the best for a good watching experience, you will enjoy the video player. The filters are amazing, you have around 8 different filters, categories and other stuff that will help make the experience more interesting and rewarding all the time. If you are an avid fan of anime, these anime streaming websites will surely quench your thirst for the latest anime content. It’s certainly a good idea to try all these anime websites to enjoy good anime. And since you can have a lot of fun with them, that’s what matters the most. Some of them have lots of ads, others not so much. But it’s still a good idea to check them all out as you try to find the best value!

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