AirGMS Application: The First True Alternative to the Airbnb App

Several Airbnb hosts and property management companies have stated that the Airbnb app is not the easiest to use and that it too often leaves them irritated. Luckily there is a cost-effective solution. AirGMS vacation rental software offers an easy-to-use mobile app for Airbnb hosts who are in need of an app to manage their Airbnb listings and would like to take their business to the next level. Thanks to the AirGMS mobile app, Airbnb hosts can enjoy more flexibility and freedom while they take care of their listings much more efficiently. According to AirGMS, close to 70% of their clients use their mobile devices when managing their short-term rentals. Seeing that mobile apps are key, AirGMS saw the need to design an app that is simple to use, yet truly efficient.

Who should download the AirGMS mobile app?

The beauty of the AirGMS app is that it is ideal for hosts who have just a single listing as well as businesses that have hundreds of listings. In short, all hosts and bigger businesses will find the AirGMS app to be really useful and easy to understand. So, if you are considering to automate your short-term rental business, be sure to take a look at this app.

What makes the AirGMS app great?

The majority of vacation rental apps offer only a couple of features that the desktop version offers. Now the AirGMS app boasts exactly the same functionality as its web software. This is particularly remarkable! It is unlike most other apps in its category. On top of that, it boasts a streamlined user interface. To tell the truth, with the app in your short-term rental arsenal it will be very pleasant to take care of all the various aspects of your listing on Airbnb.

What can the AirGMS app offer hosts?

  • Efficient Communication
Efficient Communication Responding to all the different guest enquiries can become a really time-consuming task that hosts need to complete on a daily basis. With the help of the AirGMS app, hosts will only be too happy to get another message instead of experiencing it as yet another task that demands immediate attention. Guest communication will be a breeze as it boasts native two-way Airbnb communication which means that you can manage your guest communication via a single platform. What is more, its powerful messaging tools offer triggered autoresponders as well as message templates. This means that hosts can automate their messaging at check-in and checkout. Also, thanks to the message templates offered by the app, hosts no longer need to compose long messages.
  • Total Control Over Your Reservations
With the AirGMS app, hosts can take a closer look at all their listings as they are spread out over the next couple of months. Thus, if you quickly need to check something while you are away from your desktop, you will be able to view your entire rental portfolio on your mobile device in just a simple swipe via the multi-calendar where you can also change the prices directly. The app also offers a note-taking feature that will make it easier for hosts to manage their listings. What makes this feature so great is that it lets hosts add special requests to specific listings that then serve as a reminder. The app also uses push notifications so that all the alerts will at all times remain visible. This means that hosts will not easily forget an important task, guest message or reservation.
  • Managing Multiple Accounts
Managing Multiple Accounts Hosts who boast multiple accounts will love the AirGMS app. With the help of their app, hosts will no longer have to waste time logging into and out of all their various accounts. Thanks to the app, hosts can look at their Airbnb listings on a single dashboard. What is more, hosts will be able to combine all of their different Airbnb accounts into a single inbox. Double-bookings will also be a thing of the past as the app boasts multi-platform synchronization. This means that hosts can sync with any third-party platform like Beds24, VRBO, and TripAdvisor through iCal.
  • Organizing Your Cleaning Crew More Efficiently
Every single host knows only all too well that cleanliness is a real deal-breaker. Therefore, if hosts want to be successful in the short-term rental industry, they need to take advantage of tools that will help them to keep track of their cleaning crew and organize the cleaning service more efficiently. If you have a cleaning crew, you can ask them to install the AirGMS app so that they will get notifications when a guest has returned the key. This means that no time will get wasted! What makes this feature even more functional is that your cleaning crew will also be able to notify you through the AirGMS app the very second that they have completed the cleaning and the place is in tip-top shape for the next guests.
  • Automating reviews and financial reporting
Automating reviews and financial reportingAt the end of the day, any host can tell you that the job is not quite done after a guest has checked out. In order to succeed, it is key that hosts get as many reviews as possible. Though, the reviews process can take up a lot of time. The AirGMS app offers a neat solution. With the help of templates, hosts can send reviews on autopilot. Another task that awaits host after guests have checked out is financial reporting. The AirGMS app has a very detailed financial reporting feature that will help hosts to keep track of the financial side of the business. It is a wonderful alternative if you do not want to use Excel. Though, if you need to transfer your data to Excel you can as the reports can be downloaded as CSV files. The AirGMS app is compatible with both iOS as well as Android devices and can be installed on your mobile phone, tablet or another mobile device. In short, it is one of the most comprehensive short-term rental apps available on the App Store and Google Play. It lets you manage your short-term rental business more efficiently by enabling you to take care of your reservations, prices, keys, reviews, cleaning tasks, and financial reports. With the help of the app, hosts can increase their productivity which ultimately translates to more money in the bank. Also Read: Bitplaza App Review

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