LEEDS, UK — October 18, 2018 — Today, Tisquantum announced the release of Aime Messaging, a new type of messaging app based around a personal AI which lives on your phone. Aime Messaging is currently available for Android devices from Google Play.

Developed by Tisquntum Ltd, Aime Messaging offers a unique personal assistant based on an Artificial Intelligence that runs entirely on your phone. The AI uses Machine Learning to get to know you, your friends and family and then uses that knowledge to answer incoming messages for you. Tisquantum says that the app addresses current concerns about the security of personal data by keeping all data and processing on the user’s phone.

Aime Messaging is available from today on Google Play Store, and as an introductory offer will be free to install until October 24th.

  • Aime Messaging
  • Developer: Tsiquantum Limited
  • Price: $1.99 / £1.69

For the latest news on Aime, please visit www.tisquantum.ltd

Aime AI Messaging
Aime AI Messaging
Price: To be announced


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