The internet has launched many best apps for college students for a variety of purposes. Any app that does not simplify your lifestyle does bring any value. That said, the requirements for each person is different when it comes to tools.

To complete assignments, however, the trick is to find just the right apps for not just resources, but for time management, organization, and even to help take breaks.

You are here to find those super apps that can get the assignments done before deadlines, and here they are 5 best apps for college students.

1. iStudiez Pro Legend


There has to be one single app that can organize the class schedules, assignments, submission deadlines and grades. iStudiez Pro Legend is so well integrated that it would field like an elaborate software by itself.

The app is available in Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, making it easy to synchronize and accessible across all smart devices.

The app comes with a planner section with features to sort tasks by course, date and priority, and to edit the details for each assignment. The user can enter variables including locations, instructors info or even grades.

Courses can be categorized based on semesters too, along with the app showing you a graph of the progress and grades. There is also an inbuilt GPS calculator and widgets that remind you of the assignments and class schedules. Overall, a student planner cannot get any better than this.

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2. EssayPro

eassy pro

Even with perfect planning, there are all chances that you find yourself stuck halfway through a paper. With the submission date fast approaching, it might not even be possible to think straight when there are a hundred other things running through your head.

There comes EssayPro for rescue, created especially to help students in this predicament. The idea is to offer writing services to students for all kinds of academic papers, starting from essays, dissertations, research or thesis papers.

The company has a team of devoted writers, who has a strong grip on academic writing and are willing to do half the work for you.

On the website or the app, students can find options to select the type of essay and get bids from writers. Students can choose a writer of their preference and communicate with them directly.

If you want only tips and help in completing an assignment, then the blog section includes informative and analytical essay example and explanations on many other essay styles as well. EssayPro is a tool that is worth familiarising yourself with as you never know when it might be useful.

3. Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alpha

Wolfram Alpha has an assortment of reference apps that can solve all kinds of doubts, questions, and references you need to complete a paper. With resources on a wide range of subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, music theory, and many more specializations of the same.

With Wolfram Alpha, one can get solutions for problems, get answers, do calculations, analysis and prepare reports.

There is an app for almost every topic; whether you are an art major or science student, the Wolfram Alpha is one of the must-have tools that can not only help you with resources but also stay updated about the latest trends and ideas in the field.

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4. Offtime

app for students

If there is one thing that comes in between you and productivity, its the distraction caused by smart devices. As much as the many apps can help, they can also hinder one from concentrating.

At the same time, since you might need a phone for reference purposes, it is not as simple as turning it off.

That is where an app like Offtime shines. The app allows you to block distractions like texts and calls but with exceptions from certain contacts, games, social networks, and other apps.

It provides an activity log at the end to see the phone usage and how much time you are spending on each app. With the pro version, you can make multiple profiles for different situations, schedule the offtimes and synchronize it with a calendar.

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5. XMind

Apps for College Students

Certain papers require not only focus but also a dose of clarity and creativity. XMind uses the concept of mind mapping and brainstorming software to give a better understanding of your thoughts.

The app helps to put your ideas on paper, manage complex thought process and clarify them using organizational charts and maps.

It is an excellent choice of tool to help those who are looking to get things sorted out for clarifications and relate to it quickly. Even better, XMind also enables the user to export these maps to Evernote for later reference.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right app for your specific learning requirements is a small challenge by itself. But with these apps, completing assignments should be much easier than you think.

Download them right away and create a schedule that will make a remarkable change in your academic routines.

5 Best Apps for College Students for Completing Assignments
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