5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud technology is becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that the end-user expenditure on the cloud could be over $180 billion. Around 80% of cloud users saw huge improvements in a short space of time. Furthermore, 82% of small enterprises save a lot of money by shifting to cloud hosting. Moreover, Forbes predicts that over 83% of businesses workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, meaning that the era of maintaining an on-site server is dramatically declining and many enterprises are now switching to cloud hosting services. A fit the will help improve businesses workflow, reduce costs and ensure that enterprises stay competitive. Cloud hosting is currently the best solution possible out there for hosting your business website, whether small, medium, or startups and growing businesses. In addition, cloud hosting comes in very competitive prices that any kind of business can afford.

What is cloud hosting?

This is a process of server hosting that hosts websites in the cloud computing environment. In addition to many advantages, cloud hosting makes it easy to deploy applications in VMs or Virtual Machines. VMs are containers over the means of Cloud service delivery. This model includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS). With Cloud hosting, you get a definite availability of services with more isolated performance. There are a number of reasons why your business should adopt Cloud hosting. Check the five benefits below.
  • Environmentally Friendly

This comes about when business operations are shifted to the server, leaving behind a less need for use of documents. When the use documents reduce in the offices, so does the amount of server space that your business uses, thus allowing for the customized carbon footprint.
  • Faster Performance

The cloud servers enhance faster performance than the on-site server. Performance is what business owners should put in front. Whether you operate a small business or medium or large scale business. Advantages of high-performance computing are that it allows your staff to manage data effectively and channel the required resources to support your business.
  • Cloud provides a Secure Platform

For any business decision, security should always be the number one priority. Using cloud hosting is one way of ensuring your business is more secure because cloud servers are locked down with encryption. Before choosing a cloud hosting provider, do some little homework and find out the different kind of security they offer. When your site is in the cloud, you don’t have to constantly worry about your data being accessed by an unauthorized person if it happens that they break into your physical location.
  • Software Updates

The hardest thing about dealing with software updates has to physically install them. This may take your business operation time, or delay the entire operations. Adopting cloud hosting is the best solution for this managerial headache. With cloud servers, these worries won’t be bothering you because the servers will not be on your business premises. Your cloud hosting providers will take care of the updates, and protect them regularly. This will allow you to have additional time to do things that directly pertain to the business interests.
  • Increase Collaboration

In any kind of business, it is not uncommon to find that staff telecommutes from different time zones leaving little time for face-to-face interactions and planning. Cloud servers will offer your business with continuous connection and syncing of crucial information, giving chance to your employees and freelancers to remain on the same script, without spending on shipping and frequent commuting. In conclusion, once you fully take advantage of cloud hosting, you will discover other more benefits, including disaster recovery, which is a good thing because it will help your business cut the expenditure on disaster protection and insurance. Adopting Cloud hosting is the best thing you can do to stay ahead of the competition and get a high level of scalability to the end user. Furthermore, by increasing or decreasing the computing and server resources, users can drastically maintain cost effectiveness. Other benefits of cloud hosting include the high level of flexibility in work practices that allows for multitasking hosting which in turn leave users to perform other important tasks. The cost of information technology will also be significantly reduced.
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