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iCurrency Plus now supports precious and industrial metals

iCurrency Plus now supports precious and industrial metals

Tokyo based Limited Securities today announced the support for precious and industrial metals in iCurrency Plus, for all platforms: iPhone, iPad and OSX. Precious metals are supported from a while ago but Industrial metals were recently added to the list of currencies and metals. iCurrency Plus tracks and evaluates currency exchange rates and now extends its supports to these metals, as well as provides trends, graphs and a currency conversion calculator.

iPhone App Draws Investors' Focus to Precious Metals

iPhone App Draws Investors’ Focus to Precious Metals

Los Angeles, California – For years, the world’s leading investors have been attracted to physical commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as a way to hedge and protect the value of their investments. That is because unlike stocks, bonds, and future-based commodities that can provide high but often unpredictable returns, gold and silver tends to hold its value, offering returns that are mostly in-line with the current price of the raw material.
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