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People O'Clock - a playful take on time

People O’Clock – a playful take on time

Mobile Creators announces the release of People O’Clock 1.1 for iOS. People O’Clock is a playful attempt at interaction with time which was made as a result of a happy accident on a photo shoot for another project. The idea was so fresh that everything else was put aside to create this beautiful piece of interactive art. Contagious fun of the photo shoot is visceral and the experience is more akin of a game than a serious time measuring app and that is the point of the People O’Clock app.

Pill O'Clock 1.0.1 for iOS - Take your medication on time

Pill O’Clock 1.0.1 for iOS – Take your medication on time

Tomsk, Russian Federation – Pill O’Clock is an application for iPhone and iPod touch, which reminds you to take your medications on time or schedule any activities, e.g. injections, appointments, or treatment procedures. Pill O’Clock is targeted at people who need an efficient scheduler and reminder, without loads of features that they rarely use or that constantly distract them with unwanted prompts. Unlike most of other apps, Pill O’Clock uses local notifications so you don’t need to be connected to your network or Wi-Fi for reminders to work. If a great reminder and scheduler are all you need – enjoy the accuracy and convenience of the Pill O’Clock app.
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