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HydroToss 1.0.6 - iOS Retro Water Game

HydroToss 1.0.6 – iOS Retro Water Game

Zagreb, Croatia – Remember those addictive old fashioned (one would even say RETRO) plastic “handheld” games with water in them that you used to play for days, months and years when you were a kid? Downside to them was that they broke very easily and had only one level. Well, we have a solution for you. We wanted to make the same gaming experience but in a form which can fit in your pocket. With different levels and way more options than ever before, we can easily say that HydroToss(TM) is without a doubt a must have game for iOS devices. We didn’t even need to say that, our gamers said it to us and we are now using it as our promotion.
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