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Rushing Ninjas for iPhone Review

Rushing Ninjas for iPhone Review

Frostware Entertainment’s Running Ninjas is aptly named for an endless running game featuring an army of those guys in the black silk PJs.  That said, aside from their outfits, these ninjas don’t do much that’s ninja-like.  They’re apparently in too much of a hurry. Their superhuman skills seem to have been stripped down to the ability to sprint, endlessly.
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Ninjas are Rushing to an iPhone near you in Frostware's Upcoming Game

Ninjas are Rushing to an iPhone near you in Frostware’s Upcoming Game

The beta for Rushing Ninjas, Frostware’s newest ninja-centric game has recently been released and invites everyone interested to try it out. The game is a puzzleesque game for the iPhone and iPad. The game will test the players ability to multitask and keep a cool head under pressure while you guide the ninjas to safety. And if you’re up for it you can compete for high scores with your friends or even the entire world through Game Center.