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Flash'In'App 2.7 by Eltima Software is here

Flash’In’App 2.7 by Eltima Software is here

Eltima Software today releases Flash’in’App 2.7, a Cocoa framework which allows loading and fully managing Flash movies right in Mac applications. The app features several options which make implementing Flash Player component into any Mac application even more convenient. A set of classes will let any application play SWF files, manage their playback, communicate with them via External API, FSCommands or Variables, control external resources loading, and more.

Embed Flash Movie in a Mac App with Flash'In'App Cocoa Framework

Embed Flash Movie in a Mac App with Flash’In’App Cocoa Framework

Bellevue, Washington – Eltima Software, a global software development company introduces Flash’In’App, a Cocoa framework that allows embedding and managing Flash movies in applications developed for Mac. It consists of a set of classes, which provide an application with the ability to load, play and manage any SWF files. The application can refer to a SWF file via External API, FSCommands and Variables. Flash’In’App fully supports RealVideo files playback and partially supports Silverlight files.
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