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Elephant In My Pocket 1.0 - Talking, Rhyming, Children's Ebook for iPad

Elephant In My Pocket 1.0 – Talking, Rhyming, Children’s Ebook for iPad

Virginia Beach, Virginia – Jolly Books today is pleased to introduce Elephant In My Pocket 1.0 for iPad, their talking, animated ebook about a girl named Suzy, who meets an elephant on her way to school. She decides to take the elephant with her, and the humorous story shows her struggle and determination as she attempts to accomplish this task. Featuring memorable characterizations and illustrations, the ebook is written in rhyme, which in this context is both a pedagogical and literary technique. Rhyming acquaints young readers with the underlying structure and rhythm of language at the subconscious level, as they use the conscious part of their minds enjoying the narrative.
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