Papi Jump Hands On Review

By on Apr 25, 2009 at 10:03 am

PapiJumpSunflat Games, creator of the popular “PapiJump” series for the iPhone platform, offer their original PapiJump game for free through Apple’s app store. The object of PapiJump is simple: make Papi jump higher. Papi jumps automatically so in order to climb the steps, you have to tilt the iPhone side to side which uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to control Papi.


PapiJump can be addicting. The learning curve is incredibly easy and the game is recommended for everyone ages 4 and up. The controls are very precise and the slightest tilts will control Papi in the right direction. Graphics for the game are excellent and I did not experience any lag or game issues. You do have the option to control the sound volume as well as the ability to enable or disable music.


1. Use the edge’s of the screen to your advantage. Sometimes in the “higher levels” of PapiJump getting from one side of the screen to the other can be virtually impossible. This is where you can use the edge of the screen or “off screen” to propel Papi to the other side and make the next step. For example if Papi is all the way on the right and needs to make it to the left side of the screen, tilt the iPhone to the right some more so he slides off screen and he will immediately appear on the left side, opposite of his original position.


I would recommend PapiJump or any of the Papi series to all ages. The game is fun and can be challenging for both kids and adults. The best feature about PapiJump is that it is free.

Sunflat’s Papi series also includes PapiPlus, PapiLand, PapiLand Lite, and PapiCave, however they cost $0.99.


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