DCI launches a new Infographic on Life Time Value (LTV) of App Users

By on Aug 8, 2016 at 7:48 am

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – Leading app marketing company, Dot Com Infoway (DCI) recently launched a comprehensive Infographic that clears the mist around the concept of LTV (Life Time Value) of app users. Understanding LTV or the lifetime value of a unit or customer is crucial for app developers to plan and measure the success of their apps over time, and this cogent Infographic by DCI beings out insightful strategies and tips in an easy to understand manner.

LTV is the first step in assessing the profitability of an app and the handy Infographic provides all one needs to know about LTV in one single place. It helps not only in understanding the concept of LTV, but also explains its importance and way to calculate it. Seamless, cohesive and lucid, the Infographic educates app developers on using LTV to measure the success of an app.

According to DCI’s Infographic, understanding LTV of an app can greatly help app developers in devising effective marketing strategies. It further reveals in-app advertising as one of the best strategies for higher customer retention and consequently, enhanced LTV.

“LTV is a simple way of computing the monetary value that a single user contributes to the app. This information, coupled with the statistics pertaining to cost of acquiring customers gives the app users helpful insights on the profitability of the app. This Infographic published by DCI is a handy guide in the hands of app developers that not only reveals the formula to compute LTV, but also lists down key strategies to boost the LTV,” said C.R. Venkatesh, CEO of Dot Com Infoway.

The Infographic is the go-to resource for app developers and owners who want to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, accurate profile of their customers and the health of their app. Developers and app owners will appreciate this know-how guide on how to use and leverage information pertaining to LTV of users who have installed their apps.

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