Tap Heroes for iPhone and iPad

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RPG or role-playing games are often seen as one of the most complex genres in the entire realm of video gaming. Thanks to their focus on rich, diverse universes that are inhabited by many characters, all possessing different abilities, RPG’s were perceived as a true PC gaming bastion because older mobile devices, even gaming consoles, simply did not have the potential to do justice to this genre and present it in its full complexity and appeal.

But, this is no longer the case and the Tap Heroes game is the perfect example how mobile devices can be very successfully used as platforms for RPG releases. Tap Heroes was created for the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPod touch. It can be downloaded from the iTunes service and requires iOS 5.1.1 or a later version to be installed. As a brainchild of a single-man development team headed by a man called Daniel Hjelm, it offers an incredible RPG experience on the go.

In the app, the players will be able to take a band of heroes on epic voyages and explore with them exotic lands. There, they will be able to defeat their enemies and become stronger in the process, while the player continues to recruit new heroes and face stronger and stronger bosses that block even more exciting areas of the game world. On this journey, the player will use their heroes to either attack the enemies or shield their comrades while the player can use healing magic to tend to their battle wounds.

The extent of the RPG nature of the Tap Heroes game can be clearly seen in the fact that it even includes the rogue class, made famous by these kinds of games. Here, this hero can shoot arrows that are poisoned or even those that slow them down. The great fact about the game is that it can be completely controlled only through taps that both guide the heroes and add player abilities like healing magic. This makes the game very usable when it comes to its controls, but does not diminish its richness. Beautiful visuals and graphics in the style of a puppet stage perfectly align with this type of game and make the usability simply flawless. The additional game features include more than 70 enemy and boss types, 10 incredible worlds and a wide array of player abilities that can be used in the course of the game. The game also features a flexible experience system that allows for the upgrade of the heroes and their skills.

Tap Heroes game is available as both a free to play app and a premium version that can be purchased at a truly affordable price. The premium one will not show ads and will include bonus characters, so it should be definitely given priority by those who are interested in a great and immersive RPG experience right on their iPads and iPhones.

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  • BigBrother Wilson

    post here, buddy! Tap Heroes might be a nice game, but I personally isn’t
    attracted to RPGs. I find them slightly complicated to be played on mobile
    devices and I am pretty sure that many out here will agree with me. I wouldn’t
    mind playing the same game on a console though.

  • Brian Teckel

    am glad to see this game out there, but I really do not know what to think
    about it! It looks like an interesting title and the gameplay might well be an
    original one. However, I personally believe that the graphics does not totally
    fit in! A trailer would have really helped here, to be frank!

  • Diana

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  • Alex Roy

    tap heros is ag ood game and good to have a game like this