Sort It: An Innovative Sorting Game For iOS

By on Nov 27, 2014 at 11:02 am

Sort It is an innovative game designed for both iPad and iPhone in which players’ objective is to use fingers for the purpose of dragging colored boxes into the correct chute. The game is designed in a full 3D environment thus being extremely pleasant for the eye. At random times bombs are falling and will auto-destroy after 5 seconds, hence the reason why player must act fast in order to set each box exactly into the target container. In case the bomb explodes, players will lose one life. There are 3 lives in total and if all of them are lost, then it is game over.


– Upgrades

Within the Sort It diversion, you can discover in-application buys for two amusement updates: resuscitate and clean scope. Build your playing time by utilizing a “restore” which will give you a chance to proceed with the amusement after it is over. The “scope” overhaul permits you to develop a screen brimming with bundles and sort them utilizing a solitary tap for most extreme focuses! Each one overhaul can be obtained in gatherings of 5, 50 and 150.

– Over-burden

If you let 25 bundles stack up, the postmaster will caution you to speed it up and clear the stack of bundles within 5 seconds – on the off chance that you aren’t fast enough, you will “over-burden” and the diversion will end.

– Streaking

If you sort the bundles into their right chutes without missing one, you will pick up extra focuses for keeping up a ‘sorting streak’. The higher the streak the higher your score will be!

– Craze

Look out for a supernatural rainbow bundle to arbitrarily fall onto the screen. Rapidly tapping it will turn on the “craze” mode, which will give you a chance to sort any hued bundle into its comparing chute – including those undermining bombs!

– Fun and addicting 3D environment

Everything looks extremely realistic as it is designed in 3D. Boxes look fantastically real as do the bombs and their exploding animation which swirls everything around.

– Beautiful, point by point design

Game’s interface is highly refined and no lag is to be noticed throughout gameplay.

– Lively music with powerful sound impact

The music is a nice addition to this game, allowing players to concentrate deeper and deliver more precise inputs.

– 15 different colors

Both boxes and chutes benefit from 15 different colors which alternate randomly with each new game.

– Increasing difficulty

Sort It is designed in such manner as to provide an increasingly difficult gameplay, with boxes falling in higher quantities as one advances throughout.


While the Sort It game builds on a pre-existing gameplay style, interface and features make it a unique title which must be tried out by casual gamers. This small and fast-paced game can be downloaded free of charge from App Store.

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  • Really nice game. Too bad it doesn’t have an Android port. I recommended it to some friends and they didn’t find it on the Play Store.

  • BigBrother Wilson

    post buddy, thanks for sharing your views on this particular game! However, I
    do believe that Sort It lacks the edge required to make it out there among the
    other next-gen titles. Graphically I am not impressed at all and that might
    well be a major turn off to be frank!

  • Brian Teckel

    I do not totally understand the gameplay to be frank! A demonstration video would
    have really helped here! At first sight, it’s looking like a graphically poor
    title and it’s nothing that I will normally be interested in. However, I am
    ready to test this out of curiosity! Is it released yet?

  • Desi H

    @Desi Hisab Nice game..but it should have been compatible with Android devices.