Battleplan: American Civil War Now Available

By on Aug 20, 2014 at 8:33 pm

Battleplan- American Civil WarBattleplan: American Civil War is a military strategy game developed by UK-based indie dev studio, The Mustard Corporation, in partnership with Osprey Publishing, the latter being acknowledged experts on military history. What sets this game apart from other historic military strategy games is its focus on providing a purer strategy experience.

In Battleplan: American Civil War there’s no need to build military units, you are provided with the same number and type of units present during the actual battle; at its heart the game aims to test your high-level military strategy skills and begs the question – can you do better than the generals of old?

Because the game focuses purely on testing strategic skills, you can swiftly play a battle whenever time allows. Battleplan’s developers call this Fastplay Wargaming.


  • Play as Union or Confederate
  • Campaign or one- off battles
  • Three difficulty settings
  • Speed slider to let the action unfold at the player’s pace
  • Historically faithful simulation of large-scale battles at divisional and brigade level
  • Factor in weather & reinforcements
  • Random reinforcements and No Pause mode for a greater challenge
  • Unique ‘automatic’ and high-level command battle mechanics
  • Manage messengers and lines of communication
  • Historically accurate corps commander personalities
  • Build pontoons and earthworks
  • Ammunition and supply management


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