Toy Rush Launches for Android on Google Play

By on Aug 14, 2014 at 10:24 am

toy rushEmpty the toy chest out as Uber Entertainment in partnership with Tilting Point is happy to announce the launch of Toy Rush™ on Google Play. Toy Rush, which launched earlier this year on the App Store, is a free-to-play tower offense and defense game with a collectible card twist.

Players will discover and collect a variety of powerful toys to use in unforgiving multiplayer battles and the deep single-player campaign. Assemble a formidable toy army with gigantic riding bears, top-hatted sharks, and four-wheeled cats against gum-ball blaster towers, bottle rocket launchers, and gum traps.

In Toy Rush’s seamless multiplayer, attack your friends and take their hard-earned tickets, in addition to defending your own base from their hardened armies. Toy Rush includes 50 strategy-filled single-player missions that have you taking down competitive Toy Rushers on the quest for playroom domination.

Toy Rush is available for free from Google Play.


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  • Brian Teckel

    Toy Rush just doesn’t seems to be on the Android store
    anymore! I have been searching for it on various stores, but it has been in
    vain. From what you wrote, the game indeed looks like something really fun to
    play. However, it would have helped if there was a trailer posted!