Major Update to Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders Released

By on Jul 15, 2014 at 9:36 am

Cloud RaidersGame Insight, one of the biggest developers and publishers of games across all mobile and social platforms in the world, is excited to announce the release of the largest upgrade to Cloud Raiders, the game that has attracted more than 1,000,000 players since its launch in May. Taking into account their wishes, they have improved many gameplay aspects and added a lot of new possibilities!

Your well-being and riches are now threatened not only by pirates but also by vile goblins who have invaded your island trying to steal the loot. Fortunately, you have a chance to vanquish this new threat by hiring unique warriors with incredible abilities that will visit your island every week. Use your chance to employ them before they fly away to other players in search of easy pickings.

You will also have new tactical opportunities while both attacking an enemy base and defending your own. Give orders to your troops, telling them what to plunder first, and use auras which increase damage made by ammo and combat power. Earn bonus points for defending your island and participate in clan contests. Don’t be afraid to use different tactic strategies, and you will lead your clan to victory!

Cloud Raiders takes action-packed strategy games to dizzying new heights. Players have a chance to raise an impregnable sky fortress and fortify it with different types of defense equipment, from cannons and traps to magical artifacts. You must be ready to fight off fierce monsters and legendary buccaneers wandering the skies in search of easy prey as well as be prepared for raiding parties sent by enemy players in PvP mode. Get ready to fight players from all over the world: the cross-platform system will choose a worthy opponent for you regardless of whether he or she plays via Facebook or on one of the supported mobile devices. You will also conduct researches, brew powerful potions, strengthen your forces and assemble and train your own army!

Cloud Raiders is a cross-platform game that gives users an opportunity to start playing on one device and then transfer their progress on another. The game joins the portfolio of other cross-platform projects put out by Game Insight that include such smash hits as 2020: My Country, Dragon Eternity and Sunshine Bay. Cloud Raiders is currently available for Facebook, Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone. The game will soon be released for other mobile and social platforms.


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