The Acme Made Ergo Book Raises 4x its Kickstarter Goal in One Week

By on Jun 10, 2014 at 9:51 am

Ergo BookAcme Made, maker of innovative and protective solutions for the tools of today’s modern lifestyle, announces the funding of the Kickstarter project for the Ergo Book for iPad Air and iPad mini Retina display. Within two hours of the project’s start, it reached its $5,000 funding goal, and then raised more than four times this goal within the first week. The Kickstarter community’s positive response affirms that the Ergo Book’s design, which packs multiple benefits in an ultra-thin package, resonates with the needs of today’s consumer.

The Ergo Book features a 17mm-thin design that snuggly protects your iPad and contains more features than immediately obvious on first glance. Its hidden QuickSpin 360™ rotation feature allows you to view and share your iPad from any angle. The Ergo Book combines refined, welded edges and SatinShell™ laminate that resists stains, moisture and abrasion. Its adjustable frame slides out for picture taking, and slides in to protect your camera when not in use. Acme Made now even offers early backers the option to upgrade their Ergo Book to 100% full grain, soft genuine leather that feels fantastic to hold, starting at $80.

Set to ship in September, the Ergo Book’s StretchFlex™ Strap makes it effortless and comfortable to view and share your iPad with one-of-a kind stretch memory and flexibility along with ergonomic qualities. As with all things Acme Made, the design of the new Ergo Book provides modern and tech-savvy consumers with refined and reliable solution that enables them to make the most of their favorite tablet.

The Ergo Book comes in three styles: Soft SatinShell Black, Soft SatinShell Grey and Genuine Leather Black. Head over to Kickstarter until to June 13th and you can be one of the first to order your own Ergo Book at a reduced price and discover all its hidden talents.


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