Smacky Cars Review: A challenging iOS game similar to Flappy Bird

By on Jun 10, 2014 at 10:52 am

Smacky Cars is a new iOS title available for both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded free of charge and relatively fast due to its small dimensions, all while guaranteeing players minutes (if not hours) of fun. The best part of this game is that it can be easily played at just about any moment as long as the player has an iOS device at hand. Gameplay can be quite challenging, but also incredibly fun due to the retro-pixel graphics of the game and intuitive controls. With this in mind, here are the reasons why one would want to check out the game and why not:

Simple, yet challenging gameplay – Smacky Cars is very easy to play; all what gamers are required to do is to tap on one of the three car bands as to dodge the incoming traffic. However, the gameplay becomes increasingly more difficult as one advances on the highway, since more and more cars start crowning the road and movement space becomes highly limited. With this in mind, getting past the score of 100 (e.g. 100 dodged cars) requires quite some skill.

Get started immediately – Once finishing downloading the game from App Store, players can begin to test their driving skills immediately. It’s very easy to learn the controls and objectives of the game, with the game being suitable for any person aged 5 or above. More players can compete on the same device for the purpose of reaching a higher score, but the game can also be played by a single person for a long period without the risk of boredom taking over.

Excellent for fans of Flappy Bird-like games – In terms of graphic, Smacky Cars imitate the renowned Flappy Bird title perfectly. The cars are composed of easy-to-spot retro pixels which makes the gameplay more challenging and fun. At the same time, cars are big enough as to not strain the eye when the game is played for long periods, making it ideal for player-vs-player challenges. Regardless whether at home, school, work or on the road, this title can provide great, instant fun.

No social media connectivity – Even though Smacky Cars can be played excellently by multiple players on the same device, the game lacks an option that allows players to distribute their score over social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This option would have been great for those who prefer to play the game from home yet still compete with others, since the fun would have been doubled. Nevertheless, players can still hope for such option to be added in the later versions of the game.


Smacky Cars is a great, innovative and fun game which can be played from virtually anywhere. Players can compete for the highest score on the same device, all while enjoying the appealing retro graphics of the game. The game is also available for Android as well!

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