Casual Connect Singapore: Time to think about App Store Optimization

By on May 21, 2014 at 3:33 am

Sydney, Australia – Casual Connect will be directing their third conference in Asia which will be hosted in Singapore from the 20 – 22 of May 2014. Gabriel Machuret, the App Store Optimization expert, will be appearing to impart his pearls of wisdom about ASO and how his technique can affect the performance of app ranking.

May 2014, Singapore, The organizers of Casual Connect have invited Gabriel Machuret as a guest speaker to bridge the gap in knowledge between ASO and game developers. Gabriel will share important techniques to attendees on how to achieve organic traffic from ASO strategies to enhance the downloads of their games.

If game developers do not understand the process of ASO and how this system affects the ranking of their games in the app store, they run the risk of losing large volumes of organic traffic. ASO is an effective method which assists apps in being positioned in reach of their target audiences. Casual Connect associates see the important role which ASO plays in the developer’s success which is why they have included this topic in the conference.

There is intense competition in the game development industry which can result in developers failing to find traffic for their apps. Casual Connect continues to organize these events in order to educate developers on how to conquer common problems and to equip them with strategies such as ASO to succeed it the lucrative field of gaming.

“I’m excited so share with the casual game community the importance and relevance of app store optimization,” explained Gabriel Machuret. “So many casual game developers struggle to achieve ranking and I believe ASO can really help them reach more users when launching their games.”

Casual Connect will be expecting 900 information hungry business professional to attend the conference in Singapore for the most current and sought after information in the game industry. ASO is becoming increasing important to developers who want to have an advantage over their competitors. To learn more about App store optimization, please visit Gabriel Machuret website for free videos, tutorials and podcast episodes.

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