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By on May 1, 2014 at 6:58 am

The key to any review is to make an honest opinion about a specific topic. In this instance I will be reviewing an iPhone app which is running on an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1. Keep in mind that these comments are how I view the app and may not be how others view the app. In this review, I will detail what I view as the pros and cons to the ‘Flappy Little Thing’ app and provide feedback on how to potentially gain more visibility/downloads.


Some of the pros of this app for me are the graphics of the game. I am a huge fan of Mario and I love how the background emulates that scene. It is really neat to see. I also like how clean the bird looks, I don’t mind the 8-bit graphics but sometimes they can get a little stale. The colors are simple and don’t clash which is nice because there is nothing words than trying to play a game which a visual slaughter on the eyes. The simplicity of the colors helps to keep the focus on the actual product itself, the game.

I also enjoyed the flow of the game. It seemed to me that in the original Flappy Bird game, there was rigidness to the movement of the bird but in your app it seems to flow easier to me. The bird isn’t as jumpy. Finally, I like the sounds of the game. They aren’t overly cheesy but they aren’t boring either.

Now into the cons, it seems like everyone and their brother is putting out a Flappy Bird like game. I know that the game was majorly popular but there are so many out there now that it is difficult to compete within the market. I am not a huge fan of the amount of ads in the game. I know that usually that’s how the money is made in free apps but it gets a little tiresome after having to cancel out so many ads. That’s really the only downfalls that I have found with the game from my point of view.

The game can be more enjoyable if you might consider limiting the ads to a few less. I know that it is a huge money maker for you but from a user’s POV it’s annoying. Another thing that would be cool and might help you stand apart from the other Flappy Bird cloners is to give the user some control of the game play. Maybe, give them the ability to change the bird colors or a totally different bird? You could implement some type of purchasing mechanism which allows users to purchase in-app upgrades to other new birds which is related to their performance. The more gates they make it through, the more ‘money’ they earn. This would give them more of an incentive to play other than just to waste time.

Overall it’s an entertaining game which is its purpose. It currently doesn’t score very high on the originality index because it is essentially a copy of another popular game but it has some room for improvement which can help to set it apart from the competition. Keep up the good work!

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