Tales Of Honor: The Secret Fleet Mobile Game Sets Course for iOS

By on Apr 9, 2014 at 9:08 pm

TOH_wormhole_juntion2a.1.1Evergreen Studios today unveiled further details on their upcoming mobile game, Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet, part of the Tales of Honor science fiction storyworld based on David Weber’s Honor Harrington novels.

The space-combat strategy game, which puts players at the helm of interstellar battles, will arrive in the App Store on April 24, 2014. The game will land on Google Play shortly after.

The game is divided into five modes:

  1. Starship combat: Players actively manage combat by firing missiles and defensive weapons, shifting the ship’s orientation to utilize impeller wedges, and repairing damaged systems on the fly.
  2. Damage repair: After each battle, players shift between the ship’s systems to put out fires, and save components, conduit, and the crews’ lives.
  3. Upgrading systems, components, and officers: Like the player, the crew begins young and inexperienced. Players must use resources obtained via successful encounters to level up systems and crew members, as well as install new components that will enhance their capabilities.
  4. Exploration and story progression: The story is told through challenging Story Missions. Sub missions allow players to embark on random encounters within each Star System, allowing them to gather more resources to aid in their quest to upgrade their ship.
  5. Weekly online live events coming soon: Shortly after launch, players will be challenged to complete weekly missions in live events. These difficult quests will reward the tenacious and talented players with super rare and legendary loot.


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