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IMG_3827I’m Chris Duke, the host & executive producer of Motorz, an automotive improvement television series that airs nationally in the US and Canada, and is available online. I needed a teleprompter solution for our Canon 60D camera rig. For a production the size of Motorz, we needed a high quality product without spending tens of thousands. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a market between cheap but inadequate teleprompters and the gear used by network television stations. Needless to say, it took considerable searching but it ended up being time very well spent. I came across a product called ProPrompter and have not considered another solution since.

Most teleprompters carry enormous price tags and for a justifiable reason: they are directly connected to a control room with dozens of displays feeding information onto the screen for talent to read. That’s where the genius of the ProPrompter steps in. Rather than being directly connected to a master component, this prompter circumvents the entire process by simply using any iPad or iPad Mini. Besides the huge savings in price there is also a considerable convenience factor. There is no need for additional crewmembers to feed information into the prompter or an elaborate software program to run the script at a specific speed.

However, no shortcuts have been taken on the quality of this prompter. The HD-I Pro2 16×9 wide ABS hood/mirror box utilizes studio quality 60/40 Beam Splitter Glass. This develops a bright, precise and perfectly clear display. Glare, reflection, light, etc. are simply not an issue. Sheer strength is ensured with carbon fiber vertical adjustment rods that deliver stronger-than-steel capabilities in a very lightweight package.

A 150mm lens opening allows for a camera to be secured via an HD-I Pro2 mounting bracket with 15mm rail holes, camera bar with thumb nut mount and ¼-20 camera thumb screw. An iPad/iPad2 or iPod Mini bracket keeps your tablet firmly in place and mounted in the ideal position. Traveling on the road is no issue either thanks to a custom military-grade waterproof and airtight i-Series SKB case. Virtually nothing will be damaging your prompter with protection of this magnitude.

Such a logical approach to script delivery provides instantaneous read adjustments. On-air talent can quickly realize a needed change, grab their iPad, take a few seconds for any needed alterations and be ready to go immediately. To ensure the process is as streamlined as possible, the prompter hardware was designed in tandem with an app for iPad and iPad Mini. Available on the Apple App Store, the application allows your iPad to have the same capabilities as professional control rooms without the multi-million dollar price tag. An enhanced remote control feature even allows complete control of a second iOS device provided it is running the ProPrompter app at the same time.

This remote function provides a live preview for immediate adjustments and re-cueing for on-screen talent. Script size, text, layout, font, color and many other elements can be specifically tailored for the best read possible. Contributing to further effectiveness is an adjustable countdown and loop function for multiple takes. To seamlessly use your iPad with the ProPrompter hardware, a mirror-display option is included.

As Motorz has continued to expand over the years, I have not had an issue, problem or difficulty with my ProPrompter. It’s an incredibly well built product and is used constantly on our sets. For a budget teleprompter solution for any scale production, it just doesn’t get better than this.

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