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By on Jan 28, 2014 at 9:39 am

I love Pokémon – and I have ever since Pokémon Red. Now in my arsenal is Pokémon White 2 – one of the latest additions to the popular RPG franchise. Unfortunately, finding Pokémon, for me, is now quite boring – and leveling them up takes time that I could otherwise spend having fun… battling trainers! It’s not to say that finding and capturing Pokémon isn’t fun – but for me, doing it for nearly 20 years – it gets quite repetitive.


Luckily, I found PokéBuilder – the best way to ‘create’ Pokémon and use them in your favorite Pokémon games such as Pokémon X*, Y*, White, Black, Diamond, Pearl and every major addition to the franchise for the DS, DSi and 3DS!

PokéBuilder is extremely simple to use, and it takes merely seconds to get a Pokémon from your fingertips to your DS. I really enjoyed creating Pokémon with great moves, abilities and EVs. It has literally hours of gameplay that I would have spent roaming the Routes – trying to capture Pokémon with expensive Pokeballs.

Now, I can spend my time battling trainers and having fun – rather than spending hours trying to level my Pokémon up. I can trade with my friends, battle them and so much more – and the best part is that PokéBuilder is so easy to use that I hardly have to do anything.

All I have to do is connect to the same WiFi network as my 3DS, DS or DSi, go to the Global Terminal and receive my levelled-up Pokémon! I can level my Pokémon up to 100, get any Pokémon I want and even make them Shiny – there is so much you can do with PokéBuilder.

PokéBuilder truly is the ultimate application for any Pokémon fan – it gives me the freedom to connect to my 3DS, receive any Pokémon I want and make the ultimate team… all of this and more, within seconds. If you love Pokémon but hate spending your precious gameplay time finding them… then PokéBuilder will be a great tool for you!

With PokéBuilder, I can enjoy every second of my favorite games, such as Pokémon X*, Y*, Black 2, White 2, Black, White, Diamond, Pearl, H. Gold, S. Silver and even my favorite, Platinum!

The great thing is that it works with any 3DS or DS – that includes the 2DS, DSi and everything else. It’s never been easier to get the Pokémon that you want instantly, you can edit their moves, abilities, nickname, nature, held item and so much more!


In conclusion, PokéBuilder truly is the ultimate tool for any Pokémon fan – it lets you skip straight to battling – skipping past the repetitive ‘catching’ stage. The best part is that it’s so easy to use, it’s just like receiving new Pokémon from another DS! I love PokéBuilder… and I’m sure that you will too!

*Support for Pokémon X and Y coming soon.

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