Trolls vs. Vikings Release Date Revealed

By on Jan 22, 2014 at 7:21 pm

TrollsVsVikings_screenshot12Megapop is proud to announce that Trolls vs. Vikings is ready for launch next month! The tower defense game is set to hit the App Store on February 26, 2014 in English, French, Spanish and German. Android and Browser versions are expected to release during the spring and summer of 2014.

With Trolls vs. Vikings, Megapop has delivered a super-tight tower defense experience, with astounding depth of play for a mobile game, all wrapped within a lush and wacky game world. Although a tribute to a certain Plants game, it seeks to re-innovate the beloved formula, adding a range of fresh and unique features. This includes more engagement through movable and active units, a dynamic tile system, social features, and epic boss fights with the Nordic gods like Thor, Odin, and Loki.

Unlike most Tower Defense games, Trolls vs. Vikings requires more engagement from the player with an emphasis on movable units, social features, active units whose attacks and heals target a tile of your choice, and a really fed Thor.

The game also has various difficulty modes as well as an endless mode, making for at least 30 hours of total gameplay.

Check out the trailer below:


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