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By on Jan 22, 2014 at 9:33 am

I cannot keep a journal because I find it stressful and time-consuming writing them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea… but it’s an idea that is fundamentally flawed for people with a busy lifestyle. Even now, with the rise of smartphones, there has yet to be a simple app that combines photographs, locations, so much more and the elegance of quickly typing during the day


Luckily, just as that thought went through my mind, I found My iStory. My iStory is, in essence, the core aspects of a journal condensed into a beautiful iOS application. It takes your high-resolution photographs, short snippets of text, audio and video, and then effortlessly builds your journal around it.

So – you are probably thinking: how can somebody who hates writing in journals love writing in a virtual journal? Well, it’s simple: I can type quickly on my phone, I have it everywhere I go and I can write things as they happen, instead of hours after they occur. For many aspects of our lives, our smartphones shone for those reasons, and now my My iStory, it can shine for another.

My iStory collects my thoughts, my memories and my feelings in a beautiful way. I can add photos, videos and so much more to make my entries come to life, making my journal feel so much more interactive than any I had tried to (unsuccessfully) create before.

There are some days where I’ll write paragraphs of text and others where I’ll write just a few sentences – with My iStory, you have complete control of where your journal takes you. For example, I really like to add videos and music to my entries, reflecting what happened in the day – and My iStory lets me do this.

Said best by Bob Marley, ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’’, nothing holds more true than the outset of virtual journals. We have reached a time where they are now more convenient and useful than traditional journals – and carrying everything in my pocket gives me a sense of security.

I urge you to try it – from the get-go, everything feels fluid. The vibrancy of the app is subtle yet bold, it springs life into something that could so easily be dull. It lets you create entries with audio, music, photos, videos and of-course, text – and you can then see any of them in a calendar view or a simple list view. What’s more, My iStory even features the ability to search for an entry.

Finally, you can protect your journal with a passcode and even export your entries as either an ebook or a slideshow.


In conclusion, yes, there might be a beauty about paper – but My iStory manages to capture the pure essence of journal writing and brings it to your pocket. It’s just so efficient and so smart that now I pity anyone who doesn’t keep their journal safe and sound on My iStory.

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  • Adam

    Said best by Bob Marley, ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’’

    I think you mean Bob Dylan .