The Sheepening for Android Released

By on Jan 7, 2014 at 3:46 pm

The SheepeningCanadian developer, Logic Squid have just released their first title, The Sheepening for Android. The Sheepening is a 3d/Arcade game that has the player taking the role of a shepherd whose flocks of sheep were scattered when a UFO crashed to the earth. It is up to the player to harness the strength of the UFO to get their sheep back. It is UFO shepherding at its finest!

Short Description:
Ever try to herd sheep… in a UFO? Well now you can with The Sheepening, a new game from Logic Squid. When a mysterious object crashes from the clouds, the sheep are scattered and your mission is to help find and collect them.


  • Travel through different lands to help a lowly shepherd find & collect all his sheep friends.
  • Discover special power ups and surmount dangerous hazards, guiding sheep to the pen.
  • Play at a more relaxed pace in the Adventure Mode.
  • Or test your skills in the grueling Time Attack Mode; compete against your best time!
  • Use swipe or tilt controls to master the art of sheep herding.

Free and paid versions of The Sheepening are now available on Google Play.


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