Journeys of Invention for iPad Released

By on Dec 19, 2013 at 10:40 am

Journeys of InventionLondon-based startup Touch Press today releases Journeys of Invention with The Science Museum. Journeys of Invention is an iPad app featuring 80 extraordinary objects hand-picked from the Science Museum’s vast collection. Available exclusively for iPad, the app takes you on 14 interactive journeys of scientific invention and discovery, guided by the Science Museum’s own curators.

Journeys of Invention allows you to study, rotate and even operate some of the greatest scientific inventions of all time. Step inside the Apollo 10 Command Module, examine a flea with Robert Hooke’s 17th-century microscope, or even encode and send messages using a World War II Enigma Machine.

The Science Museum’s Lead Curator Dr. Andrew Nahum said, “Journeys of invention is at once awe-inspiring and intimate. It is like having a curator take you on a series of guided tours through some of the most magnificent objects in our collection, with each journey bringing to life the story of a key scientific idea.”

Theodore Gray, Chief Creative Officer, Touch Press adds: “Science is a journey of discovery through time and space. So is this app. It shows you the connections between eighty of the most fascinating objects in one of the world’s great science museums, providing enlightenment and amusement in equal measure.”

Organised into 14 curated stories, Journeys of Invention explores centuries of creativity and scientific discovery. The app is available to download worldwide from the App Store. Two journeys (Connected and New Science) are available for free, with 12 further journeys available via an in- App purchase for  $9.99.


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