Space Tower Defender for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

By on Nov 17, 2013 at 10:36 am

Do you love playing some exciting action games on the space? Hope you are right at my point J I am talking about the high packed space action stuffs in your iPhone or iPad. In fact, I loved playing this genre even from earlier days when we had great PC games over the air.


Space Tower Defender is developed by Webelinx DOO, which is a nice spaceship shooting game with intuitive controls and some eye-catching graphics. Yes, it is again the old alien invasion story spiced up with horde of features and bonuses. You as the spaceship have to control the planet from the dodgy attacking aliens. They are on a mission to attack you hardly and invade your planet!

Gameplay is simple, but very commanding with easy controls for even novice gamers. Your spaceship is at the center where the aliens attack you from any directions. All you have to do is rotating the spaceship with simple taps on the screen and shoot at the target as quickly as possible. Make an eye on the enemy’s health during the battle. Never let them come closer, which might blemish your health and some of them shoot even from the longer distances.

There are some powerful weapons such as energy blast (focused blast of huge energy), swift shooter (increased fire rate at the opposition) and Mayhem (damages all the aliens), if the enemies attack you from all side or as a group. Make use of them wisely to save yourself. Again, you will be awarded with coins on each level, which can help you upgrade the weapons in the inventory.

The aliens come as waves in every level from easy to a more challenging tougher battle. The game has seven different turrets which can be unlocked by killing the boss. One thing I have noticed, which is frustrating is the overdose of colors in the gameplay. It creates a feel of boring if we play it continuously.


Space Tower Defender is a great action battle to save your territory from the dangerous aliens! This is highly recommended for people who love some intensive action games in their iOS devices, especially who loved playing the battleships. Of course, there are plenty!

Space Tower Defender can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for FREE!

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