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By on Nov 3, 2013 at 10:03 am

Puzzle games are one of my favorites in the App Store even when compared to high-end action graphic genre. The fact is, puzzle games may not look astonishing, but they have the grip to make a player immersed into it for a long time! An example, of course me!


PuzzleFace is a simple social puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch developed by Planet of the Apps LTD. As the name suggest, PuzzleFace is a card game to recognize distorted images of various celebrities or things around various categories. Are you familiar with the faces of Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs, or perhaps Serena Williams? Don’t think further playing this fun filled puzzle game.

Are you geared up for a best Halloween season this year? PuzzleFace doesn’t let you disappointed! The game features a special Halloween category – The Zombie CELEB. You need to create an account with them to play the game or simply by logging in using your Facebook account. I must say mention that the game has some serious issues with the login as I have encountered some strange server errors when tried to connect the FB profile. Maybe, this can be something wrong from my network too.

PuzzleFace has three options to play once you logged in. You can challenge a friend, pick a theme such as cinema, sports icon etc or identify 5 images. You can send an invite to your Facebook friend or choose a random opponent from the app itself. The game was a real thrill where you have the option to choose an opponent and a particular category of your wish. During the gameplay, you can pick 3 bonus options to make better identifying the answers.

You can get puzzle coins for every correct answer and additional 100 coins for sharing it to your friends. It can be better if the game can be done by a turn-by-turn gameplay for each player. Unfortunately, one player should wait untill the opponent completes all the questions. This could be a long wait if the opposition is not online.


On the whole PuzzleFace is a cool game on its genre. It is challenging, informative and moreover very entertaining. Someone who loves simple puzzle games, especially challenging online puzzle games can definitely give it a try! It is available on the App Store for FREE!

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  • Adam @

    Great app idea, reminds me of draw something in the way it looks and functions to some extent. It would be awesome if you could distort the images yourself or use friends photos with friends on facebook!