Divoom Bluetune-Bean Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

By on Oct 22, 2013 at 8:54 am

beanWith so many Bluetooth speakers flooding the market lately, you have to ask yourself, which one do you choose, what are your needs, what type of environment will it be in, and how much of an investment are you willing to make if you’re serious about your music. With that being said, let’s look at the Divoom’s latest portable speaker system, the Bluetune-Bean Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

The Divoom Bluetune-Bean Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be ultra-portable thanks to its size and the unique way in which you can attach the speaker to a bag or belt loop for transport.

Unlike the usual box and cylinder shaped speakers that are common place these days, the Bean has a rather unique bean shape. It’s a round, dome shaped speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. The case itself is plastic, though it gets toughened up with a fairly thick layer of silicone rubber that is wrapped around the outside to protect it. This gives it a really soft, smooth feel.

The silicone wraps around almost the entire body except where one side has a lot of holes cut out of it to allow sound to pass through. At the top you have an aluminum loop that protrudes on the top of the Bean. This loop allows you to clip on a metal carabineer so that you can hang the speaker on your bag, backpack, or belt-loop for easier transport or portable listening while trekking through the woods for instance. This is definitely a feature you don’t find on many portable speakers and this makes it real handy if you want to listen to music on the go.

There are two buttons located on the side of the speaker allowing for easy operation. One is a power button while the other is to enable the speakerphone function. This also means there is a small mic included so you can use it to talk on the phone, hands-free. On the bottom is a small rubber flap cover that helps protect the USB port located beneath it. The Bean features a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 6-hours of playtime between charges.

The Bean is incredibly easy to set up. Just power it and go into the Bluetooth section on your mobile device. It should automatically show up in your list of available devices you can connect to. From there, the speaker should automatically pair with your device and you’ll be ready to use it.

The speaker is now paired and will begin to output all audio coming from your device. That means media audio such as movies, music, and games will be heard on the speaker as well as device audio like notifications and alarms. All will now be transferred and heard on your Bean. Since this wireless speaker is also a speakerphone, when calls come in, you can pick up the call using the phone button on the speaker and talk through its built in mic.
To charge the device, flip the little rubber flap at the bottom and use a mini-USB cable to charge the Bean with a wall charger(which it does not come with; no ac adapter) or plug it into another USB source like your computer or laptop. The first charge will require 2 hours of charging time, after that it will depend on how much time you use it. On a full charge it will last 6 hours.

For such a small speaker though, it’s loud. Volume is controlled via your device and at the highest setting, the Bean is really loud. It sounds great and has decent amounts of bass (you cannot adjust the treble on the Bean), just make sure if your using it for the first time, turn your volume down because it is loud very loud.

If you’re looking for a highly portable Bluetooth speaker, the Divoom Bluetune-Bean fits that bill. It’s small, rugged, and the loop and carabineer allow it to be easily carried by being hung on a bag loop or strap. This means that you can also listen to your music with it attached to your bag while walking around town or riding your bike along the beach.

The only drawback that may be a turn off for some is the lack of controls on the speaker itself. Volume, music selection, advancement, and other things need to be controlled with your device. The only thing you can control is picking up calls and hanging up calls.

The Divoom Bluetune-Bean Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a great no frills device that does what it needs to do and does it very well. It comes in 6 different colors (yellow, red, light blue, black, white and pink) and retails for around $29.99 through Divoom‘s website. This little speaker definitely would make a great stocking stuffer!


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