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By on Oct 13, 2013 at 10:12 am

For hundreds of years, note taking was a pen and paper affair – and it was a personal affair too. I think that was an element we lost when we switched to digital note taking. Many brands took a shot at styluses and phablets – but ultimately, nothing captured the essence of handwriting… until DioNote was released.


DioNote takes digital note taking to the next level with handwriting input – it is a simple concept and it’s been done before, but not this well. DioNote is an Android application that makes note taking a personal affair – you can sketch or write whatever you want and each memo is saved securely on your device. In a flash, I have all of my thoughts on a page – it is perfect.

Now to be honest, I really wish I could try this app with the Galaxy Note 3 as I think it would fundamentally change the whole user experience – but for right now, I think using it on my Android smartphone will continue to satisfy me as my primary note taking application.

With DioNote, you can create notebooks containing different memos – I have two, one for sketches and another for random ideas. My handwriting is quite neat, so my memos look really good. It’s nice that the application displays your real handwriting as it adds a personal touch to every memo. You can tap the pen icon and change the color and size of the brush, too.

I really like DioNote, it makes note taking quick and effortless – it allows me to quickly jot down anything I have on my mind and sketch whenever I am bored. You are also given the option to share notes, and this is a great feature when it comes to personal greetings or birthday messages. In-fact, I think a handwritten note is perfect for celebrating a birthday, but it was never achievable or affordable when my friends are half-way across the world – luckily, with DioNote, I can send my friends a handwritten note without paying a dime.

DioNote is perfect for me, it’s an all-round solution to practical note taking without being too robotic – obviously, switching to a keyboard input is simple too but I think that if you are using DioNote, then you are probably using it for the handwriting input. Sketching is awesome in DioNote too, and the brush customization leaves little to be desired… in a good way!


So? What’s my verdict on DioNote and who do I think will like it? Devoted Evernote users probably won’t be ripped from their cloud of robotic notes – but new users might prefer how personal DioNote is – well, I certainly did. I adore the sharing abilities, and I think that’s the icing on the cake!

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