iPhone Game Review: Alien Shooter Ex.

By on Oct 4, 2013 at 9:05 am

For those of us who like to think we are not alone in this universe, here is something you will like better than hoping we were; killing all the aliens that invade our planet!


Alien Shooter EX., the much awaited sequel to an already popular and successful franchise brings you more aliens to mow down. This futuristic shooter (RPG style) from RNTS media begins with very unwelcome alien invaders resurgence.

The hero, having done his duty in the past, has earned his much deserved peace in the countryside. But his retirement is going as planned. The aliens he fought so gallantly in the past are back. This time they are bigger, meaner and in 3D. This installment of Alien Shooter EX. is not only fast paced, but it is action packed too. It will challenge you to the limit.

You will be forced to solve puzzles in order to complete your mission objectives, you will be immersed in a 3D world where you will have to scavenge for new gear, coins, booster items and gather experience from mowing down aliens. Not to worry though, besides the single player option, you can team up with friends from around the world on Alien Shooter EX.’ssocial multiplayer functionality. Now you and your friends can kill all the marauding aliens together.

This wonderful game has:- An expansive 3D world. – Dual touchscreen joystick controls that are sensitive, elegant and uncluttered for a point – and -shoot targeting as well as smooth character movement.- Incredible lighting, texture and crisp graphics.- Exceptional level design and character.- Action filled, fast paced and gameplay that is simply in-your-face. – You will find a lot of highly useful equipment in the game. These are booster items and coins that help you buy a lot more from the in-app shop.

For a special price of only $1.99, now you can slaughter the alien enemies at point blank range or from a distance if you wish. Alien Shooter Ex. is lauded to be even better than the previous installments.


So if you think a highly interactive game that will have you exploring vast 3D levels, collecting data on your enemy as you terminate them, going on missions that keep getting more complex by the levels, and best of all waging a deadly assault on enemy alien invaders is just what you need, then Alien Shooter Ex. was meant for you.

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