MemoZy iOS App Review – A Free iOS App That Can Bring Some Organization into Your Life

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Memozy is a new productivity utility from DesignPlusD Inc. for Apple iOS devices that has been built to redefine the expectations of users for efficiency in organization. Before beginning this iPad / iPhone app review, it is worth mentioning that a recent announcement was made by DesignPlusD that for a limited time only, this app will be available for free. For someone who has never tried a truly game-changing organizational app, now they have a fantastic opportunity to give this one a try at no cost. Still not convinced? Read this Memozy app review to find out if this app is really worth trying.


What Does This Productivity App Do?

Memozyis an application that will provide you with an elegant, streamlined user interface with emphasis on gesture commands instead of nested menus. So you will be able to add, alter and prioritize categories and items easily and quickly. At the heart of the incredible efficiency of this app is a desire to ensure that mobile device organization becomes more natural.

Some task organization applications achieve their goals by using complex menus. However, it is worth mentioning in this iPhone / iPad app review that combined with an intuitive set of gesture commands, a color-block organization is used by MemoZy. This makes it possible to access personal, project, school, or work information from the first screen easily and quickly.

This app is also ideal if you want to create to-do lists, manage shopping lists, plan project stages, and track events. With its powerful feature set, it will become possible for you to make other apps unnecessary to streamline your organizational utilities.

This app does all of this so well that it is the only app you will to organize your life. It also has integration capabilities so it will be able to work in accord with other popular apps, and this will also make it possible for you to easily share items and lists via email. In addition, it will be possible to print directly from this app.

With MemoZy, mobile organize software have truly been revolutionized, and since it this app is free right now, it is the perfect time to try it.


– Use gesture commands for the seamless addition of categories and items
– Instantaneous find anything in the color coded sections
– Drag items up or down in the list to prioritize them intuitively
– Create schedules, organize tasks, keep track of to-do lists, and take notes all in one place
– Cross out and highlight items
– Email lists and notes to colleagues, family members, and friends


Thus, concluding this Memozy iOS app review, you can download and run this app on practically any Apple device, namely the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 6.0 or later. If you really want to bring some organization into your life, go ahead and try this app for free, since there is nothing to lose here.

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