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By on Apr 24, 2009 at 10:41 am

iShootOne of the top paid applications available for the Apple iPhone is a game called iShoot by Ethan Nicholas. iShoot is a classic artillery game where you destroy your opponents using a various selection of weapons on a turn by turn style game. iShoot became the #1 app in January and February 2009 after releasing a 2.0 update which included a weapons editor, custom sound track, new weapons including shells, missiles, cluster bombs, nuclear weapons and more. You can also edit the game’s rules and create brand new weapons all together.


iShoot is a very fun turn based game. The explosions offer an arcade feeling and the ability to destroy your entire surroundings is very enticing (just watch out and make sure you don’t destroy your own tank!). The 2.0 version offers a new sound track which is perfect for any war game and the ability to create your own custom weapons is a cool feature. The game is smooth 90 percent of the time, I did have a little lag on a nuclear weapon but that may have just been my particular phone. Overall game performance was at a premium.


1. Aim Carefully! Make sure you have a clear path for your trajectory or else you’ll never win the game. Also pay attention to the weapons you are using as they are all effected differently. For example a nuclear weapon is heavier and doesn’t travel as far than missiles which take little power to shoot across the screen.

2. Take out your closest opponent. Look next door and make sure you can take out the guy next to you first. Often your opponent closest to you will launch a barrage of missiles right at your tank leaving you totally hopeless. Try and take out the close guys first.

3. Invest in cluster bombs. The cluster bombs were my favorite weapon of choice because they spread over a wide range and can take out multiple enemies at once if aimed correctly.


I highly recommend this app to war game and classic artillery style lovers. iShoot sells for $1.99 but they do offer a Free version too.


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