Ludo PlaySpace for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

By on Sep 22, 2013 at 10:09 am

Board games may look something mature when comparing with the high-end games in the recent times. There shouldn’t be wowing graphics and sounds, but still people love playing these kinds of games due to the anticipating and addictive gameplay.


Ludo PlaySpace for iOS is developed by PlaySpace, which is the same olden days dice rolling game. Playing this game will surely wake ups the olden reminiscences if you have played some Jumanj’s in the past. But, this time you are in a new era where all this is in the digital format in your iPhone or iPad.

Ludo PlaySpace may be the same stuff when it comes to the gameplay, but it has the capabilities of a well-deserved time killing game. You have to login with your Facebook account to play the game, which may be something galling for many users. The developers can better ask the players for a new account to play the game.

This is an online game where you should be playing with the opponent based on your good fortune. You have the dice and five pawns on the rack to play with, same like the opponent in different color. Turn-by-turn you have to roll the dice and move the pawns to obtain the target. The interesting part is that you have the control over every pawn to change their movements.

You have to move your pawns wisely with help of your luck to take away the opponent’s pawns back to the rack. Enticingly you have the option to chat with opponent during the game for added fun. There are a lot of in-app purchase items in the shop, which can be used to gain more coins and cash.

The gameplay is simple with colorful screens and intuitive UI that makes every gamer addicted to this game. In fact, the game is not in your hand, but if you have enough chances with rolling the dice, you should be the Ludo PlaySpace master!


Ludo PlaySpace may not be measured as a great board game, but this can be really interesting for people still loves the old age dice games. It is available in the App Store and Google Play for FREE!

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