Clashot iPhone app review – An app that pays for what you click

By on Aug 24, 2013 at 10:11 am

Photography could be a hobby for many people and for some others it is a dream profession! Have you ever worried if your best click didn’t get the needed appreciation? Instagram, Flickr, Facebook or whatever – Sharing your best clicks definitely prompts you to check at least for some likes and comments. Now, Clashot turns the game for you, you can have some bucks in your wallet if your snap is appreciated!


Clashot developed by Depositphotos is a brilliant idea that gives the value for a casual or professional photographer’s work. With Clashot you can create a report with beautiful snaps and submit it to the Clashot editors. They will review the report and publish it online once approved! Adding the charm, users can buy any photos from Clashot, which gives the necessary share for you! Interesting right? You can include multiple photos in a single report and save it for any addition later.

The ‘Feed’ section shows all the photos uploaded by the other users. You can like, comment or favorite them as like in any other photo apps. Clashot also allows you to share the photos via Facebook, Twitter and more! Of course, an account with Clashot is indeed for all the activities.

The service also available online at Clashot website where you can find all the details shown in the mobile app. Clicking on a photo provides more details such as tags, published date, category, total views, etc. On the web version user can follow others to get all the updates right away, which is missing in the app. Don’t you have a great camera device to capture the moments? Don’t worry; take all of your high end camera snaps to your iPhone and then Clashot from device library!

Unfortunately, Clashot missed including some great filters inside the app, which is really a good feature for making a photo better. In fact, I am an Instagram fan because of the lovely filters the app offers! Clashot is definitely a unique idea and a nice way to earn some money for your great snaps!


This app is not only for photographers! Everyone who has a passion in photography might use this app. Start snapping and fill your wallet! Clashot is available in Apple App Store for FREE!

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