PhatWare’s PhatPad and WritePad support Box synchronization

By on Aug 13, 2013 at 6:28 pm

WritePadPhatWare Corp announces the release of PhatPad 2.7 for iPad and WritePad 6.8 for iPhone and iPad. Not only do both leading-edge note-taking apps enable users to save and share notes to Dropbox, Evernote, SkyDrive and iCloud, but now they both support Box cloud storage as well.

Whether the user prefers a notepad for brainstorming and creating ideas and images with a group, or a note-taker with powerful handwriting recognition for meetings, seminars and classes, they will be able to sync and share those documents quickly and easily with PhatPad’s and WritePad’s support for Box cloud storage.

PhatPad users are able to turn their iPads into advanced brainstorming tools by drawing, writing, and typing on the screen, then instantly sharing those ideas via email, WiFi sync, a number of Cloud-based services, and PhatPad’s presentation mode which outputs the document onto a computer monitor.

PhatPad is highly regarded both for its smooth-flowing digital ink technology, which lets iPad users scribble notes as if they are writing on real paper, and powerful multilingual handwriting recognition engine – automatically converting handwritten notes into text.

WritePad, an advanced note-taker for iOS, converts practically any handwriting into computer text. Notes created with WritePad can be sent via email or SMS, tweeted, saved, posted on a Facebook wall, printed, exported as PDF, translated to other languages, synchronized with the cloud, and exchanged directly between two or more iOS devices. WritePad also features integration with the iPhone’s or iPad’s Events, Contacts, Maps, and other apps.

WritePad 6.8 and PhatPad 2.7 are available now in the App Store. WritePad for iPad is priced at $9.99, while the iPhone edition is priced at $3.99. PhatPad 2.7 is available on iPads for $4.99.


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